Specimen of a Will

I, ___________________________, son/ wife of _________________________ , resident of ________________________ age __ years, am making this will on the __ th day of ________ _____ out of my free volition and without any coercion or undue influence whatsoever and state that this is my last will and that I hereby revoke all Wills and Codicils made by me at any time heretofore. I bequeath my property, interests and other rights as follows :-

1) I bequeath on my death to _______________________________, my title, interests, and all other rights which I have as owner of the residential / commercial property at _________________ I hereby state that he shall be entitled to use and enjoy the said property at his own will after my death.

2) I bequeath on my death the following ornaments and jewellery belonging to me to __________ :- (give list of ornaments)

3) I bequeath on my death, cash balance lying with me at the time of my death to ______________.

4) I bequeath on my death, bank balance lying in my name at Savings / Current Bank Account No. _____ Bank of ______, _________________ Branch, ______ at the time of my death to _______________________________.

6.I bequeath the amounts receivable by me at the time of my death from various parties on various accounts to ____________________.

7)  I bequeath the amounts and other valuables owned by me and lying in locker number _________ in my name at Bank_________, (Branch) at the time of my death to ___________.

8) I direct that a sum of rupees ________________ Only (Rs. _____/-) be set apart from my assets at the time ofmy death and be donated to a charitable trust or persons whose aim and objective is to provide food, medical assistance, education assistance, etc to needy persons.

9)  I direct that before distributing my assets in accordance with this will, all my debts, liabilities and monetary obligations including all testamentary expenses, costs, charges, expenses in respect of probate and other legal charges at the time of my death be met out of my assets.

10) I bequeath all other residuary property, assets and other rights whether or not existing at the time of my death to _______________________________.

I further state that my father, Mr ______________________ is appointed as the executor of this will.

I declare that the executor shall have all the powers as may be necessary to execute this will.

I declare that I am the owner of the properties mentioned in this will and am entitled to make this will. I am of sound mind and health at the time of making this will.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set and subscribed my hand and signature on this __ th day of _____________.


Signed by Mr _______________on his last Will and testament, all being present at the same time. Thereafter at his request and in his presence, we subscribed our respective names and signatures as attesting witnesses all being also present at the same time.

Signature of Witnesses

1) I have witnessed and read the aforesaid will.


2) I have witnessed and read the aforesaid will.


3) I have examined Mr ______________ on the date of this will and wish to state that he appears to be in of sound mind and sound mental health at the time of making the above will.

sign of doctor