I have nothing but praise for NRI solicitors. They have provided a transparent service during a very difficult time and they done so with a human touch.The staff went beyond their contractual requirements to assist me in my overseas land disputes, and it was very evident that their care was genuine and not just a business protocol. From the boss Nidhi Singh, to Raakhi , Salim , Mohit and Navneet, my interactions with them were very productive and they delivered exactly as they said they would.

I highly recommend anyone living abroad in need of settling land disputes in India to use NRI legal services. You cannot underestimate the value of time, and having a well established firm save me so much of it was a blessing in itself.

It’s a very sombre reality to digest, that us Indians and Indian firms have a sour reputation for corruption when it comes to business transactions and the law. For this very reason I hope NRI Legal services maintain their progress, as it is so refreshing to have an Indian law firm work ethically and transparently.

Thank you NRI Solicitors.

Sunny Grewal