Our singularly focused approach towards any legal matter is to get a quick and fast resolution effectively, without compromising the client’s interest in the least. We are practical and understand the value of a client’s time and money. Our endeavor is to save them from long and lengthy litigations if any alternative medium whether through mediation or reconciliation is possible. If that is not an option then full blown legal representation in courts is offered as an effective remedy to all our clients. We have a professional and aggressive stance on cases filed in the court. This also works as a pressure tactic to make the opponent understand that our client sitting thousand of miles away is ethically and comprehensively represented through us. We do not miss a single opportunity to drive the point home to the opponents that our client will be exercising his or her full rights to reclaim the property and their mere absence should not be taken as an advantage or a weakness.

Our flat fixed fee method of payment denotes that we do not want a client to linger in the courts just because lawyers sometimes feel tempted to delay matters just so that more fees can be demanded out of clients. Our fee once quoted after free legal advice and assessment is for the full duration of the legal matter in that court of law irrespective of the time it takes.

Thus, delay in a matter is neither in our interest nor in the client’s. It will be unnecessary and wasted man hours spent from our side as well as detrimental to our client’s interest to get speedy relief.

Our approach is to save clients from getting involved in a weak contentious issue if they are not in one already. For this we provide a frank and free assessment prior to accepting any matter. Only if a valuable contribution can be made in the matter by our team, will the matter be accepted. Secondly, all aspects including risks are discussed upfront so that a client is completely empowered with full understanding of his matter before he engages us for representation.

We additionally guide those who are required to take effective steps to protect and manage their properties in India to safeguard them from unscrupulous and greedy relatives and friends. We empower and inform clients of the best legal remedies available and help them to use those effectively.


18 years of dedication to serving the Nri’s or Indian diaspora overseas on their property rights now warrant us to be called “experts” in this field like no other. Our teams are fully conversant with all aspects of laws in the field of land and property affecting any of them. This provides us an edge over the other legal professionals who might be equally qualified but may lack in experience in exclusively handling Nri or overseas Indians issues for such a long period of time.

Working for a long time in a niche segment which is land and property issues for almost two decades for Nri’s and overseas Indians, there is hardly a situation or a case that we don’t know of or haven’t handled before. So, we assure that the solution that we offer is time tested and have been successfully resolved by our teams more than once. This is the strength that we offer to each client who comes to us in terms of our unique experience in this field.

We understood a long time ago that it is not only a qualification or an experience of a lawyer that works to get a matter to a logical end. It is the proactive, responsive and a supervisory client input which is also needed to resolve a case successfully. For most overseas Indians this was the biggest impediment to their battle for justice and securing of their legal rights in India, as they were unable to be present in India to supervise or communicate with lawyers engaged from time to time. To address this we opened channels of communication on all levels with clients overseas.

It was setting up of our global support centers all over the world or using technology and Internet to set up online systems that helped us to reach our clients quickly and vice versa. This proved to be the most important factor for our success in cases as both clients and we could work in tandem together in an expeditious and effective manner. This advantage of setting up of real and virtual bases all over the world was and even still is quite unique to our company and have not been used as effectively as it should be by anybody else we know who is indeed serious to offer legal services to long distance NRI or overseas Indian clients

In fact any person who lives outside of India and wants to choose a legal services professional we recommend that he or she should make sure that the professional they choose is geared up with the right infrastructure to provide the services to a client based so far away. This alone will determine the efficacy of the professional in times to come.

This must be clearly understood that it is a combination of both in court and out of court work like obtaining documents etc. required for success of a legal matter. As we take up both for clients not present in India we call ourselves a legal management company and not just a law firm which generally restricts itself to work inside the court. A team of document specialist is always working with legal teams to effectively support them in gathering evidence and fact finding on behalf of the clients in all legal matters.

Regular updates emails messages and video and face to face discussions with overseas clients remain our biggest strength. Clients never feel out of loop and have first hand knowledge of their matters delivered to them at a click of their finger or by visiting the nearest support center without them having to chase anyone in India.

A separate communication team along with a single point of contact who is a “case handler” who can be reached immediately is one of the successful strategies adopted and offered to clients.

Our proven track record speaks of our commitment and integrity that we offer in terms of live testimonials presented on our website is of actual clients that have used our services. Their praise and appreciation is our biggest strength and motivation for us to keep moving forward in this challenging area of legal services in India.


Our global support centers are well equipped with the best-in-class technology and software including integration of voice communication through VOIP, video conferencing, case management systems and documents through FTP protocol to meet the current challenges of the market.

  • A client inquiry can come through any route i.e. website, global centers, direct call or visit the India offices.
  • The process is that we review your documents and send you a report on our review.
  • In case the client does not have documents – as is in most cases- then the engagement has to be for the first service i: e property search.
  • Herein we not only obtain the documents but also prepare a complete report.
  • This report also defines the steps forward, including whether the legal process is feasible or not. The client then sends us any further questions.
  • We then set up a meeting with our best property lawyers through Skype or face time. After the meeting, we send you a fee quote.
  • On acceptance of the fee quote from your side, we send you Engagement letter/ Retainer defining the terms and conditions of our agreement.
  • Once that is signed and the initial deposit wired to us we begin our process to start the representation.
  • Our online case management system archives complete information of each client, and regular updates and progress reports are provided to every client so that he/she never feels out of touch with their court matters in India
  • Those who are not internet savvy can have access to other modes like phone, fax or mail to effectively communicate with legal teams in India.


We respect client confidentiality. Trust and confidence are the prime assurance that we give our clients. All personal information related to the particular account is held by us in utmost confidentiality, is encrypted and stored on a secure server.


We are proud to say that we are transparent in our costs. Our fee structure is always fixed & discussed upfront. There is no ambiguity that any client faces as regards the fee structure related to his/her issues.