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NRI Legal Services is uniquely positioned as a Premier Global Legal Management firm to provide services exclusively to Non-Resident Indians and overseas people of Indian origin. We specialize in delivering dedicated legal services relating to issues pertaining to immovable and moveable assets to the Indian diaspora based overseas. Two decades of dedication in serving the Indian diaspora overseas regarding land/property/finance matters now warrant us to be called “experts” in this field. Our teams are fully conversant with all aspects of law which provides us an edge over the other legal professionals who might be equally qualified but may lack in experience in exclusively handling issues of NRIs or overseas Indians.

Testimonials of our Clients from across the globe are undeniable and indisputable proof of the efficiency of our team and high quality of our work.

Our mission

  • Bringing justice to NRIs who have lost all hope in ever getting their legal rights restored in their country of origin
  • Delivering fabulous client experience, be fully accountable and accessible to those who are fighting their legal battles through us, while living in far off lands outside India
  • To reinstate faith in people residing overseas about India and Indians as the mindset of people is so warped and steeped in suspicion against Indians.
  • To prove that the legal system in India works in a professional, honest and ethical manner and such exclusive and quality legal services are available in India.

Our Leadership Team


Nidhi Singh

(Founder and Advocate at Law)

NIDHI SINGH, the founder of NRI Legal Services, grew up with a passion for fighting injustice. In addition, immense love and respect for her own country were deeply ingrained in her personality right from the childhood. Her versatile interests led her to pursue both History and Law as part of her education from the esteemed Punjab University. During travels abroad, she discovered the trauma that almost all NRIs had to go through handling their property issues back home.

She figured out that they suffered mainly because of their inability to visit India frequently for resolution of property matters. This led her to set up NRI Legal Services, a global footprint reaching out to Indian diaspora in the year 2000. Excellent leadership, a perfectionist’s attitude, thorough professionalism, an empathetic & sensitive approach and impeccable communication skills with people in a multi-cultural environment are traits that lend a high level of credibility and competence to her working style which led her to explore other verticals in International market. She was pioneer in setting up Legal Process Outsourcing in the year 2007-2008 when outsourcing was at a nascent stage. Under her leadership, background legal support to USA based legal firms was provided up until outsourcing laws changed in the USA. She also partnered with a Canadian Law firm for filing immigration applications for Canada. However, this venture had to be given back feet because of immense success and the need of her bandwidth to be used for NRI Legal Services which was propelled for meteoric success. She has three children and all of them are being trained under her able guidance for entering the legal profession. Besides her core profession, Nidhi is a passionate vegan and campaigns and espouses for holistic lifestyle.


Mohit Anand

(Chief Executive Officer)

MOHIT ANAND, Chief Executive Officer, brings with him a rich & varied experience spanning a period of over 30 years. His profile boasts of multinational companies across a wide range of work spheres. One of his early roles was as the Country Manager at Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division. Besides managing the retail, media, and entertainment partner relationships, he also led the launch of the Xbox360 in India.

Besides being the Chief Executive Officer for NRI, Mohit is also the Founder & CEO of Secure Connection Pvt. Ltd. and Founder of Grand Formacion India Pvt. Ltd. Mohit has recently been conferred the prestigious award of “CEO of the Year” at the recently concluded Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2012 hosted by Indian Affairs.(

Acknowledged amongst the Top 50 young business leaders by Business India magazine (January 2007), he has also featured on Young Turks (CNBC) (

Mohit is also regarded as a subject matter expert and is amongst the leading icons of the Indian technology, retail sector and interactive entertainment industry. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for all facets of the business.


Monika Malik

(Vice President Client Services)

MONIKA MALIK, VP – Client Services, is a highly motivated professional who plays a pivotal role in maintaining the smooth functioning of the organisation. As per her commitment to the company, she has handled varied portfolios in her stint here. In her earlier days, she has been an Immigration specialist in assisting lawyers in handling such cases. Her communication skills enabled her to take on the sphere of overseas employment with the same efficacy as she exhibited in the immigration functions of the company. As NRI Legal Services grew in geographical expanse and work domains, Monika went on to become Project Manager for the legal processes under the outsourcing division of the company.

Over the years she has played a tremendous role in client coordination. All aspects related to Strategy, Media Planning, liasoning with all external global offices, Coordination of Client intake, HR, follow up of cases and general administrative handling of the company fall in her purview and are proficiently looked after. She provides an amazing support structure in all troubleshooting matters and her ability to adapt in all roles enabled her to make a foray in finance matters too, as in charge of the recovery team.

From the very basics of case handling to sensitive matters like employee functioning; everything is within the realms of her work profile. Moreover, she has a quiet but firm way of handling the nuances of employee relations, team building and employee motivation. As part of her responsibility for the HR of the company, she takes care of all aspects of recruitment, appraisals, training of new employees and employees’ welfare. Monika takes it upon herself to see that there is a common motivational thread in the entire organisation to lead the company towards continuous improvement and success. All administrative policy formulation rests in her sphere of working and her highly humane demeanour makes her an able person for this particular work. Her dedication in terms of the time devoted to a project and the level of involvement is par excellence.


Salim Mulji

(Global Director Business Development)

SALIM MULJI, Global Director Business Development, has been with NRI Legal Services for over 8 years and has been one of the pillars around which the success of NRI Legal Services has been built in United Kingdom. Salim is an astute professional with over 36 years of rich experience across multiple industries. He has spent his entire career in the United Kingdom and brings a lot of flair and compassion to his current role. Salim has worked across various industries and sectors including Insurance, Market Research and Marketing during his long and illustrious career.

A compassionate and empathetic individual with a deep passion for helping people, has made Salim an ideal fit for his current role at NRI Legal Services and he has delivered ground-breaking success for the organisation. His role in the company is of paramount importance given the fact that he is the face of the company in United Kingdom as the head our operations there. He is responsible for all facets of the company’s operations in U.K.

He is available 24×7 for his clients and never one to turn down a challenge and has proven to be a highly trustworthy, consistent and reliable partner to our clients in U.K. His in depth understanding of client issues, anxieties and requirements make him an invaluable asset for the organisation. Salim is an avid sports enthusiast and counts Cricket & Football amongst his true passions. Salim also loves organising events that help enable and enrich the communities he is part of during his spare time.


Shalini Anand Banerjee

(Vice President HR & Content)

SHALINI.A.BANERJEE, Vice President HR & Content, is an educationist-turned content creator who has a passion for storytelling and targeted messaging that help to create innovative and path-breaking content. As the Vice President HR & Content, NRI Legal Services, she provides strategic direction to the content strategy for the organisation across offline and online platforms. She is also responsible for all functions of HR for the organisation that enable the most crucial resource of the business With over 20 years of experience in the public and private sector, Shalini brings her rich experiences to the table across multi-faceted functions be it the content creation, dissemination or driving a synergistic content approach that results in a cohesive and consistent brand message through rich and meaningful content across platforms. Her expertise and skills have enabled her to devise captivating, fascinating and unique practices of content development.

She is also an experienced people manager and adds tremendous value to the critical HR function for the organisation, including but not limited to team building, professional development, strategic implementation of knowledge design, and cross-group collaboration. She provides leadership for the organisation in successfully building effective teams and make transformational contributions towards planning, institutional procedures and practices. She has a proven track record of success in creating and executing policies and practices that promotes an environment which ensures a culture of fast and continued growth.

As a skilled communicator, she likes to interact with people, and is a self-motivated professional. She has conducted various seminars for personal development, career development, imparted skill enhancement in performance-based assessments and collaborative methods of functioning.

Shalini holds a Master’s in Political Science, Bachelors in Education and an Oxford-Scholastic content curriculum certification. Prior to her time at NRI Legal services, Shalini was a senior faculty and facilitator with Army Welfare Education Society.


Puneet Jindal

(Deputy Vice President Finance)

PUNEET JINDAL, Deputy Vice President Finance, at NRI Legal Services, comes equipped with a phenomenal experience of thirteen years with some of the significant Fortune 500 companies like Whirlpool, PepsiCo & SC Johnson India.He started his career with a corporate giant like PepsiCo, handling the management of payables and the accounting books & consolidated reports.Along the same lines, he later moved to Whirlpool India as in charge of the Regional Commercial Operations followed by Incharge National Exports Accounts and Fianance. In his well charted out career, he has been working on fundamental and crucial issues related to the finance and accounting of the companies.

He worked as Credit and Compliance Controller SC Johnson India. Throughout therefore, he has lent in a considerable way towards building up both the health & credibility of whichever company he worked for.

The various aspects that he has looked after include Project Accounting and Contract Compliances, Commercial tax and Compliance, maintenance of books of accounts, inclusive of P&L account, balance sheet and trial balance with the finalisation of year-end accounts, Equipping the sales team with timely MIS to enable them compete in market and meet consumer expectation, providing support in driving motivation levels of the team, building mutual trust and confidence among the team members.

Puneet has hands-on experience in maintaining daily Accounting & Financial transactions, Debtor/Creditor Controls, Accounts Reconciliation in compliance with various guidelines & accounting standards as per the company policies. He has immense experience in handling the gamut of commercial & accounting functions encompassing varied report preparation, accounting control & statutory functions.

He not only has a grasp over handling accounting systems and practices but also understands the principles of finance and accounting. His skills in interfacing with clients (internal & external) to understand their requirements and provide services accordingly make him an invaluable asset to the company. That he is an effective communicator with excellent information analyses, problem-solving & organisational abilities only adds to the value that he carries with him for our organization.

Akriti Singh Assistant Vice President Legal Services

Advocate Akriti Singh

(Assistant Vice President – Legal Services)

Akriti Singh, Assistant Vice President – Legal Services is a confident and accomplished lawyer. She has been with the firm for over 7 years and has served with excellence and distinction. A goals-oriented individual, she is resolutely focused on delivering solutions and outcomes for our clients. She has extensive legal experience across all jurisdictions in India and she has handled various types of Civil litigation, Consumer disputes, Settlements, Revenue matters and other complex property matters with aplomb.

An alumnus of the renowned Army Institute of Law, Chandigarh, she successfully completed her law degree and then went onto complete her master’s in law from Punjabi University. A highly skilled orator, she is a great believer that effective communication can deliver solutions to every problem. A diligent worker who shows amazing grit and determination in delivering outcomes and solutions for our clients with utmost transparency and empathy, her dedication to understanding her client’s needs and providing tailored solutions is what truly sets her apart.

Her attention to detail coupled with a meticulous approach to every matter brought before her has ensured that all legal aspects are thoroughly examined and addressed. This ensures that our clients place their implicit trust in her commitment to deliver outcomes for them. She has the innate ability to grasp the most complex matters and simplify knotty issues for her clients by using her expansive experience and exceptional legal skills which are backed by a deep knowledge of prevalent laws and procedures.

Nikhita Kohli Assistant Vice President Legal Services

Advocate Nikhita Kohli

(Assistant Vice President – Legal Services)

Nikhita Kohli, Assistant Vice President – Legal Services, is a highly experienced lawyer with a strong background in handling intricate legal matters across diverse jurisdictions in India. She specialises in all kinds of Civil Litigation, Developer claims, Revenue matters. She has been actively involved in Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation proceedings for clients and ensured the best possible resolution for our clients.

A law graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh, she has honed her legal acumen practicing as a litigating lawyer in the District Court of Chandigarh. Her extensive legal knowledge and expertise in handling array of disputes emphasize her commitment to excellence.

Her legal competence is matched by her positive demeanour and compassion for clients. She always thinks out of the box to ensure outcomes that our clients desire. Her pursuit of optimal solutions in legal matters is underpinned by a meticulous analysis of the facts of every case. Her approach towards all matters is based upon a thorough analysis of facts and intricacies involved in each matter. A great communicator who has facilitated effective client engagement, Nikhita is a force to reckon with. She leads a wide a diverse team of highly skilled Senior Legal Associates as well as Legal Associates and has fostered a healthy and competitive work environment. Her problem-solving and can-do approach has earned her the implicit trust of our clients.

Savinder Handa, Country Manager United Kingdom

Savinder Handa

(Country Manager United Kingdom)

Savinder Handa, Country Manager – United Kingdom, is an astute and sharp business leader with an excellent and proven track record of leading high-performance business development teams that span the globe. His sharp intellect, a very affable personality and calm demeanour have endeared him to his clients and team alike.

Savinder is one of the strongest pillars of the organisation and leads our Business Development function in United Kingdom and Canada with expertise and elan. He has been instrumental in driving strong business growth for the firm, contributing to the firm’s continued success.

Savinder brings a perfect combination of entrepreneurial ability and process orientation to the table, which are an invaluable asset to the firm. With a qualification in business management and 19 years of sales experience in various business development roles, Savinder has an extensive track record of working with multinational corporations in the U.K. Before joining the firm, Savinder ran his own business as an entrepreneur, which further enhanced his strategic vision and operational expertise. His deep understanding and empathy of client needs, coupled with his ability to effectively communicate these to the delivery teams have delivered outcomes for clients in a time bound and excellent manner.

Savinder’s people management skills and ability to lead teams make him an excellent leader. His hard work, determination, and unwavering “never give up” attitude are the pillars of his professional ethos, significantly contributing to our firm’s dynamic and client-focused approach. In his current role, Savinder continues to champion excellence, fostering a client-centric culture and steering the firm’s business development goals towards new horizons.

Kirat Pal, Assistant Vice President – Land Search Services

Kirat Pal

(Assistant Vice President – Land Search Services)

Kirat Pal, Assistant Vice President – Land Search Services, is one the pillars of this firm on whose broad shoulders the edifice of the firm has been built. A long-standing veteran, Kirat has been with the firm for over 17 years, he has grown with the firm and today leads the entire delivery teams related to Land Search Services as well as real estate advisory services.

Kirat is recognized as an expert in documentation related to all kinds of title ownership documents across the country. His repository of knowledge and understanding related to processes and procedures involved in title searches, property transfers, title deeds and real estate matters across India is unparalleled. Known for his utmost dedication, hard work and keen attention to detail, Kirat has mastered complex web of processes and procedures that abound in his domain of Land Search Services as well as real estate advisory services.  His profound understanding of these areas, coupled with his meticulous approach, has significantly contributed to the firm’s success over the years.

Kirat’s sincerity and dedication have not only earned him the respect of his peers but also established him as an integral leader within the firm. He demonstrates an exceptional ability to tackle complex tasks, consistently delivering outcomes that clients desire. Kirat is known to go above and beyond his core area of expertise and serves as a cornerstone of the firm, providing steadfast support and stability to all delivery teams, including advocates and the legal team.

Aashi Pawar

Advocate Aashi Pawar

(Deputy Vice President Legal Services)

ADVOCATE AASHI PAWAR, Deputy Vice President Legal Services, is an accomplished lawyer with vast experience in dealing with complex legal matters across all jurisdictions in India. She specialises in Civil Litigation of all kinds as well as handling Corporate services related issues. She has practised law as a litigating lawyer in District Courts of Chandigarh and also worked as a nominated member for Permanent Lok Adalat at Consumer Forum Mohali.

With her vast legal knowledge and expertise, Aashi has handled a diverse range of legal matters all these years. She has delivered exceptional results and favourable outcomes for our clients. With her ‘Can Do’ attitude and a positive solution-oriented attitude, she is a force to reckon with and has been able to earn the trust and respect of our clients in spades. Her unique approach to each matter is built on a thorough process that entails analysing facts of the case, identifying issues and technicalities, uncovering strengths and weaknesses. This process delivers the best strategy to pursue with the ambit of applicable laws and delivers results that our clients retain us for. It is this approach that makes her a true champion and leader for our Legal services team. A dedicated and empathetic individual, her credo is always ‘Client First’. An effective communicator she and her team always keep their clients fully upto date with all developments as well as the steps being taken to advance matters through the legal system. This has helped the organisation maintain world class standards of communication and transparency with our clients, all under the able leadership of Aashi Pawar. Aashi is a highly skilled and professional lawyer who has earned a well-deserved reputation of integrity, commitment to excellence and strategic thinking. She has the ability to simplify complex legal issues for her clients by using her vast experience, in depth knowledge and exceptional legal skills.

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