Landlord tenant disputes and eviction suit

landlord tenant disputes

The saga of landlord tenant disputes is not limited just to domestic citizens of India but is a much acuter problem for NRIs and their real estate assets. In the case of NRI properties, such disputes with tenants get exacerbated because people take undue advantage of the fact that the owners are not present physically. Most NRIs have no option but to give their houses on rent to protect their property from trespassers and illegal occupants. This also ensures management and care of assets which would otherwise be in a state of dilapidation and neglect. However, the landlord-tenant relationship is delicate and needs to be treated with caution.

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Evicting an intransigent tenant is a very cumbersome process and is further complicated for NRIs because NRIs must get such an eviction carried out in their absence.


NRI owners of properties in conflict, can neither enjoy the value of these nor exercise proper rental rights. Tenants consistently ignore eviction notices, and it is in this context that the responsibility of the legal advisor increases manifold. Although there are tenancy and rent-related laws in all Indian States, conflicts still arise and more so in the case of NRIs who cannot oversee their properties themselves. While Rent laws across India now protect the landlord’s interests much more than earlier and there are some special provisions in certain cases to further protect the assets of NRIs, using these effectively and appropriately is the fiduciary responsibility of your lawyer or law firm.


NRI Legal Services has a dedicated service and advisory, which only deals with issues related to Landlord – Tenant disputes for our clients. As part of our Landlord – Tenant dispute advisory, we provide our clients compendious coverage with competence and transparency in legal representation for all such cases. We have a team of dedicated lawyers pan India to take care of matters even if an overseas citizen can’t be physically present. Starting from the investigation and information collection involved in the entire case to the actual execution i.e. filing, representing & managing litigation, for getting the property vacated, we take care of everything end-to-end. Our team of expert property dispute lawyers solve these cases and restore our client’s rights, without the client having to travel frequently to India.

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