This is by far one of the most crucial aspects of our work ethics – a reflection of the credibility of this company. We offer free legal advice with a comprehensive review and assessment of legal documents and facts for each new enquiry that comes to us. As a company, we are extremely selective about the cases that we undertake. Mutilated and time-barred cases are avoided, and we strictly accept cases after a minute assessment only. It is vital for us to check two things before we accept the engagement for resolving issues. One, is the legal right of the plaintiff still alive? Two, is the case maintainable in court? Sometimes people respond late to situations either due to lack of awareness or due to postponement caused by tight work schedules. They forget that the law provides that if you do not take action within a stipulated time, you are ‘estopped’ from seeking relief. People need to remember that it is imperative that they respond immediately to these situations otherwise they stand to suffer irrevocable damage.


This process of assessment to overseas citizens proves to be highly beneficial as it brings to light all details about the client’s rights in the disputed property. Any review of documents that are required to be done is done free of cost. We encourage people to report the facts to us. If we find that the records are not updated, we take the pains of procuring the same on a small surcharge. For more details about this, please refer to our section on ‘Property Search’.


Throughout this process what acts as a boon is the online communication that we offer to NRIs or overseas-based persons of Indian origin. No longer do they have to run after different lawyers seeking pertinent advice. We have a well-coordinated, competent communication network that makes accessibility much easier for overseas citizens.

One to One Interactions with our team, messaging, emails and even video chatting is meant that we provide for any NRI to feel more secure and comfortable about a direct interaction with the legal experts.


Our company boasts of about 400 of the best lawyers in this country as part of its able team. We have painstakingly selected a team which works well in coordination with us. They work under our supervision and in tandem with our basic work ethics and methodology. The entire strategy of every case is done by the local attorney in consonance with us, but the ultimate accountability in each issue rests with the central office. The company remains the single point of contact for our clients. The name of the local attorney is disclosed only once the client is engaged. However, we strictly discourage tripartite communication. Since the local lawyers may not always have the bandwidth to communicate with the overseas clients, we prefer that all communication is done with our office only so that there is no ambiguity in any situation. It needs to be remembered that on all crucial and decisive days, representatives of the company are present to ensure that the quality of service is maintained.


Free legal advice on property issues exclusively to NRIs

The biggest problem that overseas citizens face is that in their absence from India, their property dispute matters get neglected due to lack of time on the part of relatives or friends handling these on their behalf. Get free legal advice on the phone without travelling to India.

Further, it is unfair to rely solely on lawyers who wouldn’t always have the required communication system or other infrastructure to manage affairs for an NRI or a long-distance client. The time lag, in fact, can be one of the primary obstacles in seeking relief in what could have been a strong case otherwise. The acumen of a lawyer alone does not guarantee relief unless the client communicates and participates fully. Any gap between the client and attorney is detrimental to the interest of the client. We understood that gap and had built a remarkable communication system to enable constant connect with our global clients to provide free legal advice on property matters. We pride ourselves on the fact that none of our clients is made to go through the hassle of travelling back and forth to India. Ordinarily, any petitioner would be required to come and attend almost every date in court, but this entire headache gets taken care of by us. Overseas citizens are spared the anguish of travelling back and forth. There is thus valuable saving done regarding work, time and finances. Our dedication to the need of overseas citizens is unparalleled, and it is for this reason that we do not take domestic cases. We have completely oriented our systems to suit the needs of NRIs.


It has been an endeavor from our side to make things as convenient as we can for overseas citizens. Over time, we have set up local global support centers for free legal advice and to make our services more accessible for all NRIs. These centers are meant for people who might otherwise find it difficult to use technology to coordinate with the lawyers in India. They act as the connecting point with our office. Video Conferences are arranged in these centers so that they can keep track of their cases.

Moreover, lawyers from India keep travelling to these centers for frequent discussions and interaction. These centers have played a huge role in reinforcing our connection with overseas citizens in these particular countries. Setting up these offices ensured double benefit for all clients. For people who are not very well versed with technology or modern means of communication, these centers act as the connecting point with our office for free legal advice on property matters. Video Conferences are arranged in these offices so that they can keep track of their cases.