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why nri legal services


We have a competent and experienced team of professionals who provide consultation to clients from around the globe without any charge. Before undertaking any matter, comprehensive review of the facts and documents is done by the legal team in order to have a complete understanding on the matter and preparing a strategy to effectively resolve it.  On the basis of the same, legal advice is given to the client through video meetings, emails, telephonic calls and personal interaction at our local offices.

We are very selective about taking the cases and avoid misrepresented and time barred cases.  It is vital for us to assess each case on the following primary factors:

  • Is the legal right of the Client with respect to his property still alive or not?
  • Is the case maintainable in the Court of law or not?
  • What are the chances of winning the case on the basis of analysis of facts and documents provided to us?

This process of assessment proves to be highly beneficial for both the client and us as it brings to light all details about the client’s rights in the matter at hand.


NRI Legal Services has partnered with a premier law firm in India namely Mindsprings Associates LLP which is headquartered in Chandigarh and has about 500 lawyers Pan India working in a synchronized manner who have been painstakingly selected  and has earned us a reputation par excellence! This talent base covers every major jurisdiction of the country and is the crème-de la-crème of legal expertise from India. This wide and pervasive network built assiduously over the last two decades provides our clientele a fail-safe circle of protection within India.


The biggest problem that Indians from overseas face is their inability to travel to India to manage their legal matters.  Their cases get neglected due to lack of time on the part of their relatives or friends handling these matters on their behalf in their absence.

Based on our expertise and experience, we provide comprehensive services and solutions spectrum to all our clients to monitor their issues, supervising the matters and representing them for both in-court and out of court work. The idea is to help them protect their movable and immovable assets in India, without having to go through the hassle of travelling to India again and again. We do not accept domestic cases to ensure focused services to Indians based overseas. Our dedication to the need of overseas Indian is unparalleled.


To make our services easily accessible to our clientele, we have built up a global network. The clients who are not internet savvy can now visit our offices located in various parts of the world to get free advice and updates on their legal matters.


Our purpose since our inception has been to offer a proactive, responsive and hassle free legal services to Indians based overseas.  We are designed to cater to clients effectively from a long distance, recognizing their inability to travel frequently to India to pursue and supervise their legal matters. We have the state of the art system to maintain steady contact and communication with the clients to keep them updated with their legal matters in India.


We respect client confidentiality and fully understand the critical importance of effective data/document security. All personal information related to the particular account is held by us in utmost confidentiality. We have data/document protection policy in place. Under this policy, utmost importance is given to the safe custody and security of the documents in our possession.


We are proud to say that we are transparent in our costs. Our fee structure is always fixed & discussed upfront. There is no ambiguity that any client faces as regards the fee structure related to his/her issues.

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