NRI Legal Services is an Indian Law firm in Leicester working exclusively for NRIs. We have established this global support centre with the purpose of assisting the clients having land and property problems in India. Recognizing the inability of the NRIs to travel back and forth to India to manage their legal matters, we offer lawyers with expertise in property disputes.

Our team of competent and experienced lawyers helps them make claims on their inherited properties and reinstate their property rights in India. We are fully equipped to cater to all the needs of the clients efficiently, both if the client physically present or at a long distance.

Our offices in different regions of the world have enabled us to mark a global presence and alongside, a well-developed online communication system based on advanced technologies and the internet has made it possible for us to reach clients anywhere and everywhere. Such a system facilitates easy and steady communication with clients based anywhere in the world and management of a large number of cases.

Maintaining regular and timely communication and carrying out a thorough assessment of a case that we receive, has made the trademark of our 99% success rate in finding the solutions to all legal matters possible. With any client to build a strong and healthy professional relationship, it is essential to understand their psyche and predicament they are in regarding trusting a stranger.

We, as a team, realize this and respect the privacy of our clients.  Our fee structure is completely transparent. Our Indian law firm in Leicester strives to provide best in class lawyers and legal aid to anyone outside the country and desperately in need.

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Leicester, United Kingdom

99 Melton Road
Leicester,LE4 6PN,UK
Ph.No. 0772 054 9139 | 0116 367 2502
Toll Free : 0-808-234-2387 | 0-808-189-1304