Jujhar singh jaiya

I have been very impressed by the manner in which my property related issues were settled by everyone at NRI Legal Services. The regular updating of all progress regarding the case were indeed very helpful. I really appreciated the use of all modern technology and the IT methodology to speed up the communication between the office and me. It seemed like personal face to face interaction and was a good as sitting in India with my lawyers .Trust and confidence are the key factors for any client dealing with legal issues. Nidhi, Monisha , Kirat and everyone else at NRI Legal Services was indeed a friend during the phase. Mansi from the communication team has been a great help to keep me updated with the progress. It was because of the understanding that I got from the entire team that I was able to remain tension free throughout the time.

Your updates kept me fully in touch with affairs back home and miles away here in the UK, it was indeed a relief to be able to rest peacefully, without having to think about contacting lawyers, checking up credibility or travelling back and forth.

Thank you so much for being an understanding associate in my legal fight. I greatly appreciate the interaction I had with each of your team members

Big Thanks to everyone at the company!

Birmingham, UK
Email-id:- [email protected]
Contact Number:- 0044-782-626-8269, 0044-190-225-8189

Rajwant Kaur

I want to thank everybody at NRI Legal Services for the immense understanding shown to my family and me while we dealt with our sale of property in Phillaur, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. We had been trying from a long time to sell this property.

We were trying to locate someone who would help us with all the legal work involved with selling land in India and who would take up the assignment for us. Our first contact with Nidhi Singh proved to be one of assurance when we felt reasonably reassured that the company understood our position and would be able to sort out matters for us. We got great warmth and patience from them during the sale proceedings. Their team took all the burden of taking us to various offices and getting through all the legalities effortlessly.

Not only the sale of the land but they also helped us in bringing the complete sale transaction amount to the United Kingdom. It was immense help in getting the complete repatriation of the funds to our country of residence.

Throughout the process we received constant support from the office. Efficiency and a straightforward approach have been the hallmarks of their approach. We are indeed thankful for the help extended to us throughout this time period.


Rajwant Kaur

+44 0172 4317150
38 Coverdale Road Scunthorpe DN16 2RP
United Kingdom

Belinda gubbay

Dear Nidhi,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team, and especially Monisha, in helping us to deal with our property matters in India.

We came to you following dealings with another law firm, who took advantage of our inexperience and our distance (being in London).  This was at a great financial cost.  The earlier experience had left us with very little confidence in having our property request dealt with appropriately and we were very concerned that our Aunt could potentially lose her property.

The sensitivity that you all showed to our 90 year old Aunt in Calcutta, our father in Israel and ourselves in London was fantastic.  Monisha made numerous visits to our Aunt to explain what would be happening and explained everything in a careful manner so that she fully understood.

You ensured that the property transfer took place promptly and with no distress to our elderly relatives.  You kept us all up to date with what was happening and the whole process was totally opposite from our original Lawyers.

I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who has property dealings in India.  You were really all amazing and restored our faith in the legal system.

We will definitely be in touch when we need your services again.

With very warm wishes,

Belinda & John Gubbay
Oakwood, London
[email protected]

Mindi Singh

I am glad to share my experience with NRI Legal Services. Right from the start they were completely professional in their approach. I had heard so many stories about dubious agents and shady offices trying to make money in the name of solving people’s legal matters. Approaching NRI Legal Services was the best thing that I did! The warmth in the company was indeed overwhelming. This is one firm which has truly lived up to the expectations that the client builds up after initial interactions.

They helped me with the sale of my property situated at Village Jaja Khurd, Phillaur, Jalandhar. They also helped me with the repatriation of the sale proceeds to the UK. It is indeed one of the most tedious work in the Punjab, India. Their team provided complete support at every step and escorted us to every office to get things done for us.

They were very thorough with the entire methodology throughout the whole process. Moreover, the level of communication and follow up amazed me at every stage! All my queries regarding the legality of the entire issue were answered very patiently. I was happy to see the discipline about the time deadlines. They just take away the stress off the client’s head and offer a refreshing approach. Highly recommended!

Mindi Singh
17 Birchfields Crescent, Leeds LS14 2HZ ,United Kingdom
+44 07879251943
[email protected]

Aroon Desai

I am extremely happy with NRI Legal services for representing me on disputed inherited land and property in Magod, Valsad, Gujarat, India. The property has now been divide equally between plaintiffs and us defendants. They are very articulate, prompt in getting back to me, they are through in establishing various issues i.e, how much have you inherited, has there been any illegal sale of inherited property, they also ensure that any squatter disputes on your property is legally looked into and most of all they will sell your property and remit the proceeds abroad to you. Nidhi and Monisha Mahajan kept me informed and found out everything related to my inheritance and represented me as promised when I first spoke with both of them, she priced my legal fees from start to finish and her team gave me the very best in services and representation in court in Gujarat. They will keep you informed through out the process from start to finish. I would strongly recommend Nidhi Singh and NRI Legal Services for any inherited land related issues for those living abroad. They ensured that we the defendants were represented in our disputed land and property with their immense experience in handling these kind of cases all from Chandigarh. They ensured we get our rightful legal representation. To all friends I strongly recommend Nidhi Singh and her law firm for your matters related to disputed inherited land and property issues. Extremely happy that true to their promise they delivered what they assured from the first day I spoke with Nidhi and her legal team.

Aroon Desai
Dallas, TX

T. Randhawa, Connecticut USA

Dear Ms. Mansi,

I am pleased to write my personal experience that relates to my issue that is being handled with high degree of excellence by NRI Legal Services. I have given my consent to publish my experience, if desired by your company. Regards.
I had a very healthy relationship with my siblings in India for the past 25 years. I inherited my house with commercial tenants as my income in India. I entrusted my sibling to manage my share of the house as well as given him the responsibility of the tenants for the past 15 years. Unfortunately, it is the same issue we all face living abroad i.e. the sense of being ignored by the ones who we trust and love dearly, as the property values appreciated over years that caused a shadow over relationships. It was heart breaking and a big set back to my emotions of ignorance and broken trust by family. I did not have many options: either to give up or to face the situation and fight for my own rights. Every single immigrant has a will and determination
that has made him/her a strong and a successful person abroad, despite being away from our motherland. It is that determination that forced me to find a path that brought me to the doors of NRI Legal Services.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the founder of the company Mrs. Nidhi Singh and Managing Director Mr. Navneet Singh while their visit to US. After a brief 15 minute meeting, I knew I was at the right place. I regained my confidence to fight for my own rights.

Within less than 3 months, I was able to finalize my strategy and was on a path to regain lost control through the intelligence of the legal knowledge that Mrs.Nidhi Singh has cultivated among her staff and rendering services by the highly ethical and extremely proactive Senior Advocates at NRI Legal Services.

Honestly, it is not an easy proposition to battle with the great judiciary system that has been instituted by our forefathers in India, which is now being abused and mislead by common legal malpractice due to a compromised bureaucratic system that we are all victims of living abroad.

Senior Advocates at NRI Legal Services worked around the clock to deliver a strategy that gained my trust and made me overcome my fear by providing a strength to fight for my rights to regain control of my share of the property.

I do not feel comfortable to name every single staff member who helped me along this path due to confidentiality reasons. However, I must acknowledge that I will never forget the warmth I felt in handshakes I received during my visit, which lead me to achieve my undertaking to be the rightful owner of my property share again.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts that the Senior Executives and the Administrative Staff at NRI Legal Services had invested during my travel. NRI Legal services has means and ways to protect our assets back home, keeping high morals and ethics, while we can continue to focus in our daily lives abroad.

T. Randhawa
124 W. King St., Danbury, Connecticut, 06811, USA
[email protected]

Jagtar Singh Gill, Manitoba Canada

Far away from India, settled here in Winnipeg (Canada) I had been in great distress due to non recovery of a huge amount of money that I lent to some trusted relatives for purchase of a house for their own purposes. In due course of time they did buy a property for their personal use in Behaana, Ludhiana. It was but natural that after a considerable gap I asked them to return my money. On their expressing their supposed inability to do so, I requested them then to be fair and include my name in their property. However, neither case happened! Imagine my shock and complete disillusionment when I realised that neither were they interested in returning the money nor in including my name anywhere. On a desperate visit to India to resolve the issue, I received threats from them and any thought of further visits got completely quashed.
My family became apprehensive about letting me go to my hometown and being a senior citizen it was indeed tough for me to contemplate managing these legal matters from where I was stationed.

It was in this disheartened state that I happened to come across an advertisement about the assistance being offered to NRIs by "NRI Legal Services". Although considerably anxious about the Indian Judicial system, I got in touch with Nidhi Singh and explained my situation to her on skype. In the following months what I experienced with this company came as nothing short of a blessing. I am pleased to say that I received utmost consideration from the entire team at NRI Legal Services. As a cohesive working unit, they stayed true to their word about every commitment they made. I received regular
updates on my case progress and the company's communication is indeed par excellence! What I still find most unbelievable is that I have not had to travel to India even once during the entire time of my case being contested in courts. As an NRI that has indeed been the biggest boon bestowed on me. To have my rights restored and my legal issues handled, without my having to undergo the hassles of frequent travelling, is something that I could have never imagined possible. Nidhi and her team made sure that through the messaging, mails, video calls and the reassuring phone calls I did not have to spend even a single day in anxiety or pressure. All the meticulous research, the comprehensive report preparing, subsequent follow-up and proficient representation was done by them with utmost diligence and empathy. Their sensitivity to my situation only helped me trust them more - and I am truly pleased with my choice of lawyers.

To have finally won a court order in this matter has been almost like a miracle, when I had lost all hope of getting any respite. I would be perfectly willing to answer any phone calls or other communication regarding the services I availed of once I engaged the
company. In fact it would give me great pleasure to be of some assistance to other NRIs like me who are hassled by such property issues.

Jagtar Singh Gill
H.No.680, Lyndale Drive,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Contact Number: 001-204-229-8947

Navneet Kirwan, London UK

We contacted NRI Legal Services when we exhausted all other options. We have a property in India that was occupied by a relative. This relative refused to leave the property upon our numerous requests. As we pushed to resolve the matter amicably however our relative had other ideas.

We finally contacted NRI legal services. We were invited to attend a meeting held in Southall. We met with Nidhi Singh. She listened carefully, looked through all of our documents and showed genuine interest in our plight. As a representative of NRI legal services we were put at ease with her knowledge of legal affairs in India and familiarity with this type of matter. She was very clear and honest with costs and a possible timescales.

The NRI Legal team quickly made contact with us, were very reassuring and gave us a step by guide as to what is happening with our case. We received regular emails, text messages and phones weekly and fortnightly contact from start to finish. Once the case got going our relative used a manner of accusations, made every attempt to prolong proceedings so he could stay in the property longer  NRI Legal team acted on every information we provided and all personal and private family matters were treated with respect and confidentiality. NRI legal services come with years of experience and have full awareness understanding and clear judgement of legal matters in India.

Our biggest worry was always we do not live in India and did not know how to get started to gain possession of our own property. NRI legal services not only ensured all documents were correct and in order but successfully won our case. I urge anyone who owns property in India that is being occupied to contact NRI Legal Services for a positive honest and successful outcome. I highly recommend the service and have already passed on details to a friend.

31 Chiltern View Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2PE, United Kingdom

Avinash Randhawa, Melbourne Australia

Myself and my sister met with Nidhi Singh at the beginning of August after my father had seen a show on one of the Indian channels in the UK on legal issues that are occurring in India with Nidhi Singh speaking.  After meeting with Nidhi, we decided to have NRI Legal Services represent us in India at the end of August.

The turnaround time was so quick and efficient and we got our legal tasks completed whilst we were in India. I would like to say thank you so much to NRI Legal Services for completing our tasks so promptly even with additional difficulties not originally included in the assignment initially.

We had the pleasure of meeting Kirat Sabharwal who undertook our assignment whilst we were in India. He persevered and ensured that every single task was completed regardless of the difficulties and time delays we encountered along the way. We came across many difficult people (especially in Punjab National Bank in Dasuya) and Kirat was our angel who guided us along the way. He went above and beyond to help us and we trusted him whole heartedly. We shall be forever grateful.Thank you Kirat. Nidhi and Navneet also kept in touch along the way as well.

I would definitely recommend NRI Legal Services to anyone who has a legal matter to resolve in India.NRI Legal Services are very knowledgeable in the Indian legal arena and that is what counts especially with India's bureaucratic and complicated legal system.

I look forward to NRI Legal Services coming to Australia soon!

Avinash Randhawa
[email protected]
Melbourne, Australia

Kiran Mann, Ontario Canada

My name is Kiran Mann and I live in Ottawa , Canada. I am a recently retired senior executive from the Canadian Federal Civil Service. My assignment at retirement was Director, Service Strategies at Service Canada, Government of Canada. I have inherited property in India in Chandigarh and in the Faridkot District. I have had the pleasure of dealing with NRI Legal Services on a number of matters from property issues, power of attorney, will in India, opening of bank accounts, acquisition of documents etc. I would highly recommend Nidhi Singh and her legal team. This is a group of highly professional, dedicated individuals who have a fine knowledge and understanding of Indian legal requirements and are able to guide the NRI through the often opaque processes of Indian bureaucratic transactions. In addition to their professionalism, the team is very considerate, prompt and instills a high degree of confidence in their client. I will continue to work with NRI legal services and am very pleased to have them as my legal representative and guide in India. I can be reached at the following address:

93 Grove Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1S-3A7
T: 613-730-0591 M: 613-277-7900

Sarjit Singh

Agreement to sell was made on Feb,1995 betwween two real brothers one brother who was seller passed on Aug,1995 before sale deed completion leaving five family members who are living in Fiji & U.S.A. NRI legal services new completed the sale deed which I signed with them on July 2013.I am very very thankful to entire team of NRI services,speacialy Monisha Mahajan who handled my case.

Again thanks to all staff.

Sarjit Singh
[email protected]

Makhan, London Uk

With regards to the service you Monisha Mahajan, Jasanjit Dullet and your team at Mindsprings (India) Pvt. Ltd have provided to deal with the sale of our property matter in Chandigarh. I would like to thank you and your team on behalf of myself and my family. I was very impressed with the speed of your response to my enquiries and keeping me up to date with any progress at all stages while dealing with third party (purchaser) and other legal matters arising. During which you have made the best use of modern technology and IT equipments available to speed up communication between all concerned parties. I would highly recommend your services to any person requiring of such services that you have provided me.

Thanks again and kind regards
Makhan. X.Kudhal (Max)
Accenture UK. CIO Technology Services
20 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7AN
[email protected]
Tel +44 (0) 7844 9804

Sarj, Slough UK

NRI legal services are a breath of fresh air when it comes to getting anything legal done in the Punjab, they are a fresh modern breed of lawyers backed by years of old school family litigation knowledge. They know how to get results and how to streamline the process to a minimum amount of time. The communication is second to none with progress updates on a regular basis. I am totally pleased with their performance so far and would happily recommend them to anyone who has an issue in India has been dragging on for years and never seems to get resolved.

47, Torridge Road Slough Berkshire SL3 8UT U.K.
[email protected]

G Bansi.

I would whole heartedly recommend NRI legal services for their professional and diligent work. They successfully won the case for which they retained and the manner in which their work was also exemplary.

Our case primes were available outside of normal business hours, which was invaluable due to the Time difference (we are located in the UK). Regular case updates were provided via email and Documents were scanned to an online store. This ensured we had a resilient record of proceeding and could be confident our instructions were being followed accurately. When undertaking legal proceedings it is imperative you have confidence in the ability and Integrity of you representation. As a Non Resident Indian who cannot personally attend proceedings, trust in ones representation is paramount importance. It is for this reason I would Recommend NRI Legal Services to anyone seeking knowledgeable and trustworthy representation in India.

G Bansi.
Redefining conventional ideas
Tel: +44 (0) 7977 106 956, Fax: + 44 (0) 7053 601 527
[email protected]

Balhar Singh Sahota, Abbotsford Canada

In our dealings with NRI Legal Services thus far we greatly appreciate your expertise in handling our case. We have found NRI Legal Services to be far more diligent and honest than previous lawyers used in our case. NRI Legal Services responds quickly to our questions and concerns by email and telephone. In addition we have noticed that there is quick and prompt procurement of actions that need to be taken.

We thank you for the direction and guidance and realistic counsel you provide for us and we look forward to this level of service until our case is resolved. We recommend NRI Legal Services rather than wasting time and money with local lawyers.

Balhar Singh Sahota
[email protected]
NorthStar Grafting & Propagation Inc.
1838 Bradner Road
Abbotsford BC
V4X 1C3
Mobile: 778 808 7066
Fax: 604 856 3792

Hardeep Bhachu, Buckinghamshire UK

I'd like to recommend all NRI's to NRI Legal Services. My father recently used a well known UK agent to sell his land in India by giving him a Power if Attorney. However, he simply took large amounts of money from us with no intention of selling our property in India, no updates, many lies and only interested in making money. He also has a history of this but continues to advertise his services on TV. We then were apprehensive about using NRI Legal services because we had no confidence or trust in anyone. However NRI Legal services were completely the opposite, they offered us excellent advice to free us from our past errors with a previous agent. They prepared documents to revoke the Power of Attorney we had with the previous agent, removing his powers as well as notify authorities and newspapers in India not to allow our property to be sold. Lastly they also ensured our property ownership in India was intact by providing updated documents and helping us create a will for my father to protect his assets from any issues that could arise. I am grateful to the staff especially Monisha. They provided us with step by step information on what they required from us. The work carried out was completed quickly and efficiently. We have documentation for everything that has been distributed in India to safeguard our property. These documents have been notarized here in the UK with the India High Commission and India officials. The communication process was excellent via email and phone. We were regularly given updates on which tasks were being carried out, in progress and complete in both English and Punjabi. This was enhanced further as my father went to India to create his Will, NRI Legal services were on hand to meet him create the Will and register this for safe storage. Monisha and her team have representatives and associates who cover places throughout Punjab so being able to complete part of the work in their presence in India was excellent. They come out to visit you and are able to compete work in your home. I was impressed with the speed and quality of their work especially as they has visited many Gurdwaras in the UK where hundreds to people took up their services who are having problems in India with property disputes. Many NRI's have gone to India to sort out their issues with local Lawyers who only take money and do not carry out any work. It is hard to track them as we live in the UK. Therefore having a company that looks after the interests of NRI's was essential as they know how the system operates back home in India. US NRI's don't understand as we don't have the knowledge or influence. Monisha's knowledge was essential in helping us understand the value of our documents, what they mean and why they are required. I would highly recommend any NRI to liaise with Monisha so that they have their correct documents regarding property and Wills up to date and more importantly that they are official and stamped by persons such as local officials like the local Patwaris in your village in India. NRI Legal services make the process simple for you. Depending on some cases, you don't have to leave the UK to look after your property and interests in India. Where the disputes get to advanced stages however such as court would, obviously require such action. I'd advise all NRI's to take advantage of ensuring all your documents are correct before such issues arises. This is where NRI Legal services can help especially if you are not happy with your existing solicitor or property selling agent. I found the services of this firm excellent. They tell you exactly what they ask for a fair fee which you pay in advance and they carry out the work as per your requirement. They work very much like a UK firm. Nowadays we cannot trust our own relatives so finding someone to trust is very difficult. If there service then that would be better for NRI's. however there is not. We are therefore grateful that Monisha and her team offer NRI's many services that protect the money and property we invest in India. Talking to NRI Legal services will give you an insight into how the India legal system works and how they can act in your interest to protect them. We are now in the process of asking NRI Legal services to help sell our property in India in the correct manner without giving Power of Attorney authority to anyone to act in our interests. This is something advised to us by NRI Legal services themselves when we first met them which we agree with. To all NRI's I'd say stay away from local agents, solicitors and even many UK property dealers and solicitors offering NRI services. I contacted many of NRI Legal services previous clients and they all gave me a very fair and honest assessment of the company, hence why I selected them. The most important thing to remember is “They do what they say they will do and keep you updated. This was the common response from their previous clients that I went to for recommendations. Should you want any further details about NRI Legal services details of our family case and India issues in general please contact me on 07595 041 923 and I would be glad to advise you further and explain how we came to choosing NRI Legal services.

Hardeep Bhachu
[email protected]
ARQIVA Business Operations Chalfont Grove, Narcot Lane, Gerrards Cross, SL9 8TW.

Atul Gupta, USA

I've had two legal engagements with NRI legal Services /Mindsprings. One was a case filed by one of our irate ex-employee who wanted to extract undue funds out of our company. Despite the laws heavily favoring the workers, their firm got the case dismissed by presenting the merits of the case in front of the court.

The second engagement has been for a case filed by our landlord against us to vacate their premises despite the provisions of the lease agreement to allow renewal and continued tenancy. While this case is still in the process, I must say that each court hearing is promptly attended to and updates are sent to me by email on each event. I have never heard of law firms providing such prompt and efficient services before. I feel that my decision to engage their law firm was the best I have ever taken and feel confident that the case will proceed to our best advantage.

I wish them the best in future.

Atul Gupta
Co-founder - Redalkemi Inc. USA
Pugmarks design studio, India
Cell: +91-98155-48782
Email: [email protected] | Website: www.redalkemi.com
Sales US: +1-866-2-72-5127, +1-646-367-8179, +1-415-315-9555
Fax US: +1-866-684-0610 | Sales UK: +44-208-099-9163
Dev Office India: +91-172-2646904, 2645905 | Fax India: +91-1725009009


I appreciate the help you have provided this far, and I must say - I am impressed with the professionalism. As I have planned to go to India in the near future, I have decided to deal with the legal issues during my visit to India. I have the contact information for your firm and will be in touch when the need arises.

Thanks again.
[email protected]

Domnick Rodrigues, Manama Bahrain

Through the internet i found the name called NRI Legal Services based in Mindsprings (India). I was in need to provide me a legal advice. So soon after i approach the firm to vice president (operation) ms. Monisha Mahajan. She provided what i required such as opinion and drafting the necessary paperwork to solve the problem with ministry of external affairs (Passport Authority). She had done marvelous job. With her excellence job, i achieve the goal and solved my problem. I am happy to their good services and wish them all the best.

Domnick Rodrigues
P.O. Box 2707, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

KS Manak

I can confirm that I have used the services of NRI Legal Services which has proven to be very diligent and comprehensive. The response and service provided has been of a very high standard and quality . Their services have proven to make what was previously regarded as a very obscure and complicated territory, more accountable. I would recommend that NRI Legal Services are certainly consulted if one has any need for legal recourse to India and/or property issues, before any decision is made as to how to proceed .

KS Manak
Heer Manak Solicitors

Karmjeet, California USA

NRI Legal Services was great when it came to handling our affairs in India related to Real property. They provided the utmost professionalism when it came to handling our Confidential matter and provided excellent legal service to us from abroad. We would highly recommend their services to people who need to handle matters in India, but cannot be the country personally. We would trust them again with our matters."

9713 Tundraswan Circle
Elk Grove, CA-95757

Narinder S Sangha, Birmingham UK

I am emailing to confirm the services I received from you. The communication from your company was excellent. The information and advice I received was on a step-by-step basis and it was very clear to understand and respond to. I regularly received phone calls and emails updating me on the whole process and the next steps to be taken. I found it a pleasure to work with you, to communicate and to put my points across to you.

I am very happy I assigned you to deal with my case.

Kind regards
Narinder S Sangha
40, Wentworth
Way harborne
Birmingham in the county of West Midlands
[email protected]

Kam Singh

Just a quick email to say a very big thank you for helping my parents out. For the first time they have begun to understand exactly what they have in India (Punjab) . As you're aware our case was challenging but I am glad to say NRI Legal Services were up for the challenge and went The extra mile to accommodate my parents requirements. The whole system in Punjab is complicated and it doesn't help when officials do not want to help. I for one would not have the patience to do what NRI Legal Services did. Your service was fairly priced and you took away a lot of the stress . I would recommend your services to family and friends without hesitation. In short your great people who go the extra mile, I hope we can count on your support in the future. Please do not hesitate to give my name out as a reference for people who may be a bit wary of your services.

Kam Singh
[email protected]
Business Development Director
Chapati Media Limited
Tel : 08432 907541 Mob: 07534-265427
Website: www.chapati-media.com


Dear Nidhi Ji and Monisha, Good morning. Hope all is well! So finally after about six months of deliberation, the GTM issue has come to a closure. Due to circumstances as they exist, deteriorating health condition of my mom, I am not in a position to take a chance for a delayed legal procedure. I would like to give her some solace by settling the issue and showing her the new apartment. I have no doubt in my mind, that it is only because of the great team of NRI legal services, the guidance of Nidhi Ji and Monisha at every step that put me in a position of negotiations. If it was not for your help at the right time, I would have landed in a very difficult spot all alone. For people living overseas, NRI legal services is a boon. It is impossible to think of another service which works with utmost integrity and honesty in your fight I never found you to be pushy about pursuing the case, and have always found you to be very honest in exploring all possibilities of a speedy settlement. You are highly recommended to my friends, and anyone living overseas with properties in India. Although I respectfully ask you to end this case, I will always be indebted to you and keep you as my number one choice if any other legal help is needed with any of my other properties in India. May god bless you and make you even more successful. As I have said always, it's people like you who make India proud. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Warm Regards,
[email protected]

Tania Bains

I am currently using NRI Legal Services to assist me with an ongoing matter in order to clarify ownership of a plot of land in Punjab, India. My case has been dutifully worked on by one person, and has not been passed around the team, which has been a great help. I have had complex documents translated, a brief history of the land explained to me, and have been able to retain detailed maps and photo which are a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the property. My case handler, Monisha has efficiently updated me with any problem that some to light and effectively involved me in discussions to obtain further information and solutions. I am pleased with the level of services so far, I look forward to a continued high level of service up to the completion of my case.

Tania Bains
Tel: 08701500100
Ext: 5077
Fax: 01216436021
Email: [email protected]

Vijay Baghi, Ontario Canada

After much research and background check of your business, I chose your company to act to act on my behalf in our property matters. I like to take this opportunity to thank for the outstanding services provided by your company.

We sat out to discover existence of properties in name of a deceased NRI in areas if agricultural, residential and commercial. Your team has met my expectations in discovering Jamabandi records in Phagwara and Hoshiarpur.

I find that your team has completed this task with excellent efficiency within set time frame. You were always accessible whenever I needed any updates or had any questions answered.

I started out the process with a simple inquiry through your web portal. Various members of your team consistently communicated with me in a professional manner. I like the fact that we can exchange documents through secure web portal and be able to access the information at any time and anywhere with great ease. I find the use and navigation of your website extremely intuitive.

As we moved forward, I chose to have you as a single point of contact within your company. This approach worked out great as you were easily available on Skype and any needed communication was simple a few keystrokes away.

Your company is doing a great service for the NRI community while providing business services. Keep up the good work.

with Ragards
Vijay Baghi
10651 Clarkway Drive Brampton, Ontario Canada, L6P 0W2
905-794-0524 (Home) 905-794-0105 (Fax)

Shiv Sandhu, Vancouver Canada

I thank you very much for the work you have done for me so far without my any trips to India. It has been handled professionally and efficiently. Considering all the factors and dealings with Babus in India, it was very reasonable timing. it's 50% of the battle won if all needed documents were obtained in timely manner. I was frankly surprised that you were able to obtain over 30 years old records from Tehsildar in relatively short time. Moreover your quoted price was very reasonable and firm.

I would strongly recommend your services to anyone who may have any legal issues in India and who could not travel to India frequently.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. I wish you all the success in your undertaking.

Shiv Sandhu
2212 East 35th Avenue, Vancouver BC, Canada
[email protected]