NRI Legal Services is a Premier Global Legal Management firm to provide services exclusively to overseas people of Indian origin. Twenty years of dedication in serving the Indian diaspora overseas regarding land/property/finance/banking matters warrant us to be called “experts” in these fields. One of our offices is situated in Gravesend where we provide free consultation related to issues pertaining to immovable and moveable assets to Non-resident Indians.

Our team of professionals in Gravesend office are fully conversant to provide complete assistance to overseas Indians regarding hassle free resolution to their issues in India. Before undertaking any matter, detailed review of the facts and documents is done by our legal review team to have a complete understanding on the matter and preparing a legal strategy for effective resolution of the matter. We help them protect their legal rights in their  assets in India, without the need  of travelling to India again and again. Our state of the art system for secure and steady communication with our clients keeps them updated with their matters in India.

We respect client confidentiality and understand the critical importance of effective data/document security. All information related to the particular matter is held by us in utmost confidentiality.

Contact our Gravesend office to avail free legal consultation for any moveable or immoveable asset in India

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