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Property Rights of Women in India

For long, women were not supposed to have as much share in property as men had. Property rights of women in India remained largely an ignored and unaddressed issue. Till about twelve years ago –specifically, [...]

Child Labour – What You Need to Know

Child labour means the employment of a child in any work with or without payment that strips the child of his/her childhood, education and is physically, mentally, morally and socially harmful. In India, the child [...]

Molestation – Definition and relevant Laws

When a Bollywood actress of the stature of Vidya Balan gives her opinion on Molestation, and it makes headlines in Newspaper sections, it catches attention –and thankfully manages to raise pertinent questions too. Not that [...]

Contesting a Will – facts and details

A Will is a document that an individual formulates to declare how and to whom he would want his assets distributed after his demise. All too often we find individuals contesting a Will in the [...]

Real Estate Investing in India – The way to do it

Whatever be the state of the politics or society in a country, real estate investing has a potential attraction element that doesn’t get lowered in the long run. This is something that is of immense [...]

Landlord Tenant laws – Step by Step Understanding

Landlord and tenant laws become the focus in many NRI property disputes. Being the owner of any property and ensuring that all matters stay sorted out is not easy for an overseas citizen primarily because [...]