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Divorced and Confused about Property division?

Know more about the impact of divorce on Joint Ownership of Property We have had many NRI cases of one or both spouses seeking our services because there were property issues to be settled. We [...]

Petition for Eviction of the Property

Landlord-Tenant disputes, in particular eviction issues are some of the more common cases that we get to deal with. In the recent past our eviction lawyers have come across some cases that bring to notice [...]

The Liquor Ban on Highways

“Eat, Drink and Be Merry,” only if the Government lets you! There is no denying the fact that the ban imposed by the Government on liquor sale along the National Highway came as a rude [...]

Travel to India not mandatory for partitioning property in India

Partition of shared ownership of property in India, whether between family members or co-owners, is a common phenomenon. With the trend of Nuclear families on the rise, it is becoming more frequent for people to [...]

Monopoly isn’t just a game – It’s a matter of serious concern in the Economy!

With the onset of globalization in India, the Indian market has had to deal with many issues - competition being a prominent one. At the time that this wave started, there were local as well [...]

Public Interest Litigation – The alertness badge that the law offers!

The word PIL has come to symbolise an alert, curious, questioning society, over a period of time. It signifies the right that individuals possess to question various events & norms that take place in society. [...]