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Investment Options for NRIs

India is working towards creating a transparent and clean economy. The government is making several changes and introducing new rules and regulations to achieve its goal of becoming an advanced country. The advancement of a [...]

Legal advice on property matters – Now on FB Live

Seeking legal advice for property matters has become imperative in the changing scenario in the country. India is euphoric on the wave of creating a clean and transparent environment to live in. One of the [...]

Stay Safe-Know more about Making a Will

The death of loved ones brings in pain and sorrow, but when one has to also sort out emotionally draining, mentally harassing legal issues that too related to the making of a Will document by [...]

If you care enough you WILL say it

Leave no hassles for your inheritors A large number of property disputes arise simply because a lot of people avoid making a Will. For the simple want of a clear document specifying the way a [...]

BUDGET 2017 – What NRIs expect and hope for!

The waves that the demonetisation policies created across the NRI community across the globe in November, 2016 have laid grounds for anxiety over the next major step that the Indian government will present – the [...]