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Know the facts on Property Disputes

Before acquiring, investing, transferring or gifting a property one should have the right answers for all the right questions to avoid Property Disputes. Having the knowledge about all the rules and regulations and understanding them [...]

All you need to know about Power of Attorney

The Importance of Litigation Lawyers for NRIs

We have often seen NRIs seeking the help of litigation lawyers in India because of the false allegations initiated against them. Living overseas away from their country and their roots is always challenging and if [...]

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship, as the name itself hints, is an arrangement as per which a citizen has two citizenships. One is of his country and another of the nation to which he/she belongs to, or of [...]

Real Estate Regulation Act – Provisions & Their Implications

The absence of authority and lack of proper rules and regulations in the real estate sector has always been a problem. The buyers have had problems such as the delay in possession, transfer of the [...]

Goods and Services Tax and its Impact

The Indirect Tax system of India is incredibly complex because of the numerous types of taxes levied by the Governments both center and state on Goods and Services. For example Entertainment Tax for watching a [...]

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