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How does the country trade – Foreign Trade Policy of India

Introduction  Before India got its independence, it had no clear trade policy, after independence a trade policy as a part of the general economic policy of development was formed. Two phases describe Foreign Trade Policy. [...]

When You agree to disagree & part ways – Divorce by Mutual Consent

The meaning of Mutual Divorce Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Section 13-B provides the parties the means to divorce by mutual assent through filing a petition in court. Mutual consent implies that both the parties agree [...]

The often misinterpreted term – “Adultery”!

Adultery is a term associated with extramarital sex that is deemed unacceptable on social, religious, moral, or legal grounds. What sexual pursuits draft adultery varies, as well as the social, religious, and legal consequences. A [...]

Corporate Litigation defined

There are many types of lawsuits, also called litigations. When a business is involved, it becomes corporate or commercial litigation. Corporate Litigation is a different bet than most other types of lawsuit. Corporate litigation is [...]

All for the Mom’s rights – Know more about the Maternity Benefit Act.

Even in today's modern working environment being a woman and holding a position of power is not easy, especially if the lady is married. The mentality of the male employees and the competitive nature of [...]

NRI’s guide to deal with Inherited Property

For an NRI to own and maintain a property in India is always a bit cumbersome. On top of that when it comes to inherited property it becomes somewhat more difficult because then they are [...]