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Steps of the Eviction Process: How Does Eviction Work in Indian Courts?

  The eviction process means evicting a tenant out of the rented property by following a legal procedure as prescribed by the law of the land. In India, the parties often hire a civil lawyer dealing in rent matters to help them get relief from the Indian court. The rent agreement mostly governs the landlord-tenant relationship. The …

Importance of title deed and other property ownership documents

The title means ownership. In terms of property, it is a legal right to own. Any deed, i.e., a written document that confirms the ownership is the title deed. It mentions the rights and obligations of the owner. How important is the title deed: It is incredibly crucial to check the property papers before dealing …

Property law in India and its relevance for NRIs

Property law in India is a vast subject. It is a study under various statutes like The Transfer of Property Act, The Indian Contract Act, Registration Act, Indian Stamp Act, RERA, Land Acquisition laws, etc. Apart from these, for NRIs, special rules and regulations are provided under FEMA by RBI. Property can be moveable, immovable, tangible …


property lawyers in India

We are a premier global legal management firm set up 2 decades ago in the year 2000 exclusively for NRIs. Our purpose since our inception has been to offer a proactive, responsive and hassle-free legal services to overseas Indians. We are home to inspired leaders and professionals who excel at what they do. We are designed to cater to clients effectively from a long distance, recognizing their inability to travel frequently to India to pursue and supervise their legal matters. The company is vying to have a global presence served by our state-of-the-art communication system, methodical reviews and a structured approach designed and perfected over the years. Our thorough assessment and review is the hallmark of our 99% success rate in the resolution of matters.

We distinguish ourselves based on the quality of our services and legal advice. Our group of razor-sharp legal experts in law have, over the years been working dedicatedly for the NRI community. They have honed their skills to perfection by dealing with almost any and every situation that an NRI is likely to face in India. This network of some of the best legal minds spans the length and breadth of India. We are now 500 plus lawyers in our growing tribe, spread almost all over the country. Our pillars of strength are grounded in our legacy, goodwill and exceptional services.