At NRI Legal Services we provide a comprehensive suite of litigation services in India for civil disputes to our clients through our Affiliate law firm in India. We offer end-to-end services for legal representation for any kind of litigation regarding movable and immovable assets of Non-resident Indians in India. Our singularly focused approach towards any legal matter is to provide our clients a quick and fast resolution effectively, without compromising the client’s interests and within the ambit of Indian law. We are practical and understand the value of a client’s time and money.

We offer full blown legal representation in courts, for all types of civil disputes as an effective remedy to all our clients through our Indian affiliate Mindsprings Associates LLP. A leading law firm in India, Mindsprings Associates LLP has its head office in Chandigarh, and has about 500 lawyers spread across the length and breadth of India, working in tandem with a highly experienced team of lawyer’s team at their Head Office. This network of the best legal minds in India has been built over the last twenty years and provide legal representation to our clients in all major jurisdictions of India, without the need for our NRI clients to frequently travel to India. A highly competent team of document specialists is always working with legal teams to effectively support them in gathering evidence and fact finding on behalf of the clients in all legal matters.

We have the requite strength, scale and capability to take on any type of civil litigation however complex the matter maybe or however arduous the litigation is. We have a professional and aggressive stance on cases filed in court. This also works as a pressure tactic to make the opponent understand that our client sitting thousands of miles away is ethically and comprehensively represented through us and their mere absence should not be construed as a weakness

Our litigation services for civil disputes are broadly classified under two types

  • On-going litigation
  • New litigation

Ongoing litigation:  These are matters wherein matters re already filed in a court of law i.e. they are sub-judice. In such a scenario it becomes imperative to obtain the case file of the subject matter and review the complete facts in order to have:

  1. Complete understanding on the matter
  2. Current stage of the case
  3. Detailed SWOT Analysis of the matter
  4. Finalization of strategy to be pursued in order to deliver the outcomes desired from the litigation

New Litigation: These are matters where a new case needs to be filed in the relevant court of law in India.

In order to file a new litigation in courts our team of experienced lawyers executes a thorough review of the facts and documents pertaining to the matter. Based on this thorough review the client is presented with a detailed approach of the recommended legal strategy and type of litigation warranted.

Our review delivers clear insights to the client on the following:

  • Whether the legal rights of the Client in relation to his assets are tenable in a court of law?
  • The type of litigation that is most likely to deliver the outcomes that the client desires

A hallmark of our litigation services in India for new matters is that we accept any new litigation only if we arrive at a conclusion (based on the review conducted) that there is strong case that can be made out and we can deliver the outcomes via litigation that the client is desirous of. We also clearly outline all aspects of the proposed litigation being suggested to the clients including risks involved, so that the client is completely empowered with full understanding on their matter before formally engaging us for representation.

The various types of Litigation services offered are:

Litigation pertaining to immovable assets:

  • Suit for Declaration for declaring the ownership of the property or declaring any document like illegal sale deed etc. null and void.
  • Suit for Possession for challenging illegal occupancy by the opponents.
  • Suit for separate Possession and Partition.
  • Eviction Petitions/Rent Petitions.
  • Suit for Permanent Injunction for restraining alienation of the property in any manner.
  • Suit for Mandatory Injunction for seeking direction of the Court for the opposite party (caretaker, licensee etc.) to vacate the property.
  • Petition for Grant of Letters of Administration.
  • Suits/Complaints under Consumer Protection Act where the builder has failed to deliver possession of the property within time as required vide Sale Agreement
  • Suit pertaining to Adverse Possession.

Litigation pertaining to movable assets:

  • Suit for Rendition of Accounts.
  • Suit for Recovery of Money.
  • Suit for Grant of Succession Certificate.
  • Suit against bouncing of cheques.