Overseas citizens are often caught in situations where they seek legal advice for property and land disputes in India. This is because Property Fraud is a bane for NRIs who are not able to constantly review the present status of their land and properties in India.  This could involve either travelling to India more, which they are not always able to manage and which can become a mental as well as physical hassle.

If as an NRI you have property in India, we would advise you to be more proactive. You need to manage your property yourself – whatever is the pattern or system you follow. You could be visiting India more or you could appoint a caretaker who reports to you consistently.

As a precaution, property should be mutated and transferred in your name and not be allowed to be in the name of people who have passed away. This would ensure that the property in question wards off people who unnecessarily give attention to grabbing of properties which are unattended and unkempt for long.  This also takes care of property and land disputes in India.

The real estate market has been a burgeoning one, to say the least. Now a lot of things get handled and managed maturely but fraud practices are also equally prominent. Increasingly we have many NRIs coming to our property legal service experts for sorting out their property matters.

People looking for houses for sale or any other property for sale are vary of entering into such transactions for fear of deceit and trickery. There is an entire nexus that operates between officials at various levels, property dealers and their legal representatives – in some manner or the other this affects the entire system.

NRIs are even more vulnerable to this system of fraud that is prevalent in the property and land disputes in India.

There are various ways that fraud can occur in the particular area of sale of property. One of the most common ways is the impersonation of the NRI who owns the property and is selling or the one who is buying.

Frequently there are cases where people impersonate as the NRIs and carry out the transactions.  There have been many cases where impersonators especially search and earmark properties owned by NRIs. Then they resort to fake identification proofs. Since they are able to prove themselves as NRIs, they sell off properties owned by NRIs.

NRIs in every part of the world have at some point in time or the other experienced these fraud issues, be it in any state of India. From our experience as property legal experts, we can talk about many specific stories of NRIs in property and land disputes in Punjab, Delhi India.

There are various stories of their land being illegally occupied or grabbed by people claiming to be relatives or friends or agents. Fake documents for the sale of property are used to carry out fraudulent sales. Forged documents – even Power of Attorney papers – present an obstacle to any NRI trying to take stock of his property, especially if he is interested in the sale of property.

Misuse of the Power Of Attorney documents also leads to property fraud. It is very common to see an NRI being duped with the aid of fraud POA – more often than not, in cases of buying and selling of property NRIs become vulnerable to malpractices because they lack the time, knowledge or support from appropriate property legal service lawyers for these matters.

Forgery of documents like titles deeds or Wills is another reason that NRIs have to undergo this problem of illegal sale of property. Fabrication of property legal documents leads to fraud in the buying and selling of property. It is not uncommon to find that NRIs who can’t travel much to India have been duped of property worth huge amounts for want of awareness about the proper way of making documents and preventing forgery.

While there are a substantial number of fraud cases in India, it doesn’t mean that there is no legal respite for victims of such cases. Illegal sales, property fraud, document forgery can all be successfully challenged and the rightful owner’s legal rights can be restored. It is here that our property legal service experts can help and sort out these matters.