December 17, 2019

NRIs Alert! Buying property in India? The guidelines


What can be better for an NRI than having a hand in the growth and prosperity of his motherland? Perhaps nothing is better than it. It motivates NRIs to invest in India.NRIs buy property in India as  It helps them to stay connected to their roots It is an investment opportunity  Investment decisions are generally guided […]

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September 10, 2019

Can NRIs buy property jointly with resident Indian?

Joint Property - Can NRIs buy property jointly with resident Indian

Some things in this world are still going fine jointly! Take property ownership in India, for instance – especially when we live in a country where the property is still one of the most coveted ways to connect with your roots.For NRIs, purchasing a property in India is much more than an investment opportunity. It […]

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July 30, 2019

Importance of Due Diligence and Title Search before Property Purchase

Importance of Due Diligence and Title Search before Property Purchase

Due diligence and title search play an important role in real estate/property transactions.  People approach us and often have the following queries.What is due diligence and Title Search before property purchase?It means taking all precautions and ensuring that investment in a property is safe and secure.By exercising due diligence: The buyer identifies and evaluates all […]

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May 29, 2017

Before you Buy a Property in India

Buy a Property FAQs

To buy a property or land that’s for sale in India is a great investment opportunity but there may be some questions that arise while making the decision. Some of the questions and their answer are as follows:How can one acquire ownership of a Property or land that’s for sale in India?One can acquire ownership […]

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March 2, 2017

Buying and Selling Property in India – Refresh your facts!

Property in India

Over a period, when NRIs approach us for various property disputes and seek legal advice from our expert team of lawyers, we are most often faced with the same kind of queries regarding the buying of property and the restrictions related to this.Here, we try and present certain crucial facts and restrictions:Can an NRI buy/invest […]

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