Co-owners own every part of the joint property together

Landmark Judgement on Property Ownership

The Apex court once again upheld it’s principle that co-owners of a joint property enjoy the ownership of the whole property along with other joint owners.

A layman’s explanation of this judgment can be expressed in the following method. Let us say that A and B are co-owners of a joint property. Now the joint property has four chairs. By the apex courts judgment A and B shall not have a complete ownership of two shares, instead they both have a fifty percent ownership of all the four chairs.

Thus the apex court in the judgment for Om Prakash vs Mishri Lal upheld this principle. However a valid interpretation of this judgment is also that all the co-owners also have equal share of responsibility. That is A and B will have to pay equally for the repairing and maintaining of the chairs.

Needless to ownership of the property is not restricted to anything. All the articles that are present in the property will be covered.

This judgment is considered as a landmark in the field of property ownership and defining which property comes under the ownership is still considerably vague.

Regardless of this, this is a commendable judgment which shall put much of ongoing and future litigation to rest.

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