July 21, 2022

What are the problems faced by NRIs when investing in India?

What are the problems faced by NRIs when investing in India

IntroductionWhen an Indian attains the status of an NRI, it gets difficult to some extent to invest in properties located in India, whether related to investment in shares or debenture or real estate, to name a few. Different statutory bodies have various rules and regulations for investing in different sectors by an NRI. For example, […]

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February 21, 2020

Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Investments


Real Estate investment has always been a lucrative option. It attracts a lot of investors for building on wealth as it promises good returns. Real estate covers housing, retail, hospitality and commercial sector.The decision to invest in real estate requires a careful analysis of the economic conditions investment policies  availability of funds People invest in real […]

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December 17, 2019

NRIs Alert! Buying property in India? The guidelines


What can be better for an NRI than having a hand in the growth and prosperity of his motherland? Perhaps nothing is better than it. It motivates NRIs to invest in India.NRIs buy property in India as  It helps them to stay connected to their roots It is an investment opportunity  Investment decisions are generally guided […]

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September 20, 2019


NRIs and commercial Property

Like other resident Indians, NRIs too have become conscious of putting in their money where the bigger buck is!Hence, investment in commercial property is being preferred over-investment in residential properties by NRIs. Why? Well, the rise in rental income from commercial property and growth in demand for commercial property is the main reason behind the shift […]

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June 26, 2017

Government Initiatives and NRI Investments in India

NRI Investments in India

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have always found real estate an attractive investment option. Their attraction comes not just from the financial aspects, but also from their intense desire to have a connection to their roots. The reasons for NRI investments in India could be many, and vary from providing a better lifestyle for the family to […]

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