What kind of right does a mother has on her son’s property?

A mother becomes a legal heir to her deceased son’s property. Hence, if a man leaves behind his mother, wife and children, they will have an equal right on his property.

Can the daughter claim the father’s property after marriage?

According to the law, a married daughter has every right to claim a share in
her father’s property. She has as many rights as her brother or unmarried sister.

  • Does the son have the right to his father’s property?
  • Son is a Class I heir and has right on the father’s property.

When can one inherit a grandfather’s property in India?

The grandson’s right to a share in ancestral property accrues by birth itself.

What should be done if one needs their independent share in ancestral property?

Ancestral property can be partitioned via partition deed or suit for partition in the Court of Law.

Is there any age when a daughter is eligible to seek right in an ancestral property?

Under the Hindu Succession Act, a daughter has the right to ancestral property by birth.

Can I inherit my father’s self-acquired property being a daughter?

In father’s self-acquired property, the daughter has no birthright over it. However, if the father dies without executing a Will, the daughter can claim an equal share in the property, self-acquired as that of a son.

What is meant by self-acquired property?

A self-acquired property is what the father has bought with his own money.

What is ancestral property?

Under Hindu law, the property inherited up to three generations is known as ancestral property. It is a part of coparcenary property. The property descends from the father, father’s father, and great grandfather.

Who is an heir?

The heir/s include persons legally entitled to inherit property from their ancestors.

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