What is the need for the Model Tenancy Act?

There is a need to bring transparency in the rent laws in India which are considered pro-tenant.

Where to submit the rent agreement?

The rent agreement is to be submitted to Rent Authority headed by Deputy Collector.

Is it mandatory to have written rent agreement?

Yes, it is now mandatory. Earlier both verbal and written agreements worked.

How the privacy of the tenant is secured under the Act?

A landlord cannot enter the house of the tenant at any time. It must be with a prior notice.

What are tenant’s responsibilities?

A tenant has to undertake minor repairs on his own, as provided in the schedule.

What are landlord’s responsibilities?

There is a clear demarcation of responsibilities. All the major maintenance and repair is the landlord’s responsibility.

Is there any fixed amount of security amount?

The landlord cannot act arbitrarily. The security deposit cannot exceed two months’ rent.

Is there any penalty for the tenant for non-payment of rent?

Rent will be doubled for the first two months, four times for another two months, and six times for the next two months.

How Model Tenancy Act 2021 will help to adjudicate faster?

There will be a separate three-tier system, Rent Authority, Rent Court and Rent tribunal, separate from regular civil courts, to decide the rent matters in a fixed time limit.

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