Amrit Singh Loha, UK

Dear NRI,

NRI Legal Services have proved fast efficient service in the transfer of ownership.

Great members of staff in giving prompt updates from India office.

I would highly recommend NRI Legal Services to my friends and members of the family in near future. Excellent and highly professional service.

Amrit Singh Loha

John A. Das, UK


I am writing to you for the services provided in searching a land which was owned by my family at least 5-6 decades ago. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I had to leave for UK. Therefore, left all the property affairs in the midst and completely lost hope that if I ever will recover my ancestral estate. The company Nrilegalservices came to me as a ray of hope. With information as basic as my father’s name and the area where the property was situated, they did a thorough investigation with the revenue authorities and physically inspected the land. They helped to retrieve the record for the land belonging to Late B.M Das (my grandfather).

I am thankful to them for all the assistance and great services provide. I highly recommend them to any person who is looking out to search their lands and properties in India.

John A. Das

Gurmail Thind, UK


To Whom It may concern

I am glad to have found NRI Legal Services in England so we could meet them and discuss our issues in India. We were battling with our land dispute in India and were in the midst of chaos. NRI Legal Services came as a much-needed help, an organisation who guided us in the most appropriate manner and strategized for us. We have finally resolved our dispute with all the right guidance by this organisation.

As a client, I am very satisfied with their work, service, communication and professionalism. We are happy with the services provided and highly recommend their services to any person looking at resolving their property issues in India.

Gurmail Thind

Jeetinder Pinder


My father and myself have used the services of NRI since May 2014 with regards to Land that was registered incorrectly in the name of my Father and my Late Grandfather in the state of Utter Pradesh. We have been faced with many issues and barriers outside the control of NRI and ourselves. But, I can say that through the ongoing and relentless work that the team at NRI have put in we have finally after four years received written confirmation that all has been corrected. We are now hoping to sell the land in Utter Pradesh through the NRI sales office and hope to complete these transactions in a similar manner. I would happily refer any of the NRI Legal services to anyone looking to get involved in any land matters within India.

Jeetinder Pinder, Middlesex, UK
0777 999 5652
0344 8464 222

Shiv Sandhu, Vancouver Canada


I thank you very much for the work you have done for me so far without my any trips to India. It has been handled professionally and efficiently. Considering all the factors and dealings with Babus in India, it was very reasonable timing. it’s 50% of the battle won if all needed documents were obtained in timely manner. I was frankly surprised that you were able to obtain over 30 years old records from Tehsildar in relatively short time. Moreover your quoted price was very reasonable and firm.

I would strongly recommend your services to anyone who may have any legal issues in India and who could not travel to India frequently.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. I wish you all the success in your undertaking.

Shiv Sandhu
2212 East 35th Avenue, Vancouver BC, Canada