Ramsey Singh

NRI Legal Services Testimonial

NRI Legal Services have been very understanding with my circumstances, my case is complex and they have been working with me to understand what is required to gain justice, they are currently working to retrieve land or proceeds of sale from land that was fraudulently sold in the Punjab without our knowledge.

The team is very professional and knowledgeable in this area and I have full faith they will work hard on my behalf to achieve results. This case is very personal to me so I made sure I had the very best team to represent me during this case. I am confident they will achieve the desired outcome, if this is the case, I will be using them further to sell some land and properties in India because they make the process so seamless and transparent.

Hardeep Bhachu

NRI Legal Services Testimonial

I’d like to recommend all NRI’s to NRI Legal Services. My father recently used a well known UK agent to sell his land in India by giving him a Power if Attorney. However, he simply took large amounts of money from us with no intention of selling our property in India, no updates, many lies and only interested in making money. He also has a history of this but continues to advertise his services on TV. We then were apprehensive about using NRI Legal services because we had no confidence or trust in anyone. However NRI Legal services were completely the opposite, they offered us excellent advice to free us from our past errors with a previous agent. They prepared documents to revoke the Power of Attorney we had with the previous agent, removing his powers as well as notify authorities and newspapers in India not to allow our property to be sold. Lastly they also ensured our property ownership in India was intact by providing updated documents and helping us create a will for my father to protect his assets from any issues that could arise. I am grateful to the staff especially Monisha. They provided us with step by step information on what they required from us. The work carried out was completed quickly and efficiently. We have documentation for everything that has been distributed in India to safeguard our property. These documents have been notarized here in the UK with the India High Commission and India officials. The communication process was excellent via email and phone. We were regularly given updates on which tasks were being carried out, in progress and complete in both English and Punjabi. This was enhanced further as my father went to India to create his Will, NRI Legal services were on hand to meet him create the Will and register this for safe storage. Monisha and her team have representatives and associates who cover places throughout Punjab so being able to complete part of the work in their presence in India was excellent. They come out to visit you and are able to compete work in your home. I was impressed with the speed and quality of their work especially as they has visited many Gurdwaras in the UK where hundreds to people took up their services who are having problems in India with property disputes. Many NRI’s have gone to India to sort out their issues with local Lawyers who only take money and do not carry out any work. It is hard to track them as we live in the UK. Therefore having a company that looks after the interests of NRI’s was essential as they know how the system operates back home in India. US NRI’s don’t understand as we don’t have the knowledge or influence. Monisha’s knowledge was essential in helping us understand the value of our documents, what they mean and why they are required. I would highly recommend any NRI to liaise with Monisha so that they have their correct documents regarding property and Wills up to date and more importantly that they are official and stamped by persons such as local officials like the local Patwaris in your village in India. NRI Legal services make the process simple for you. Depending on some cases, you don’t have to leave the UK to look after your property and interests in India. Where the disputes get to advanced stages however such as court would, obviously require such action. I’d advise all NRI’s to take advantage of ensuring all your documents are correct before such issues arises. This is where NRI Legal services can help especially if you are not happy with your existing solicitor or property selling agent. I found the services of this firm excellent. They tell you exactly what they ask for a fair fee which you pay in advance and they carry out the work as per your requirement. They work very much like a UK firm. Nowadays we cannot trust our own relatives so finding someone to trust is very difficult. If there service then that would be better for NRI’s. however there is not. We are therefore grateful that Monisha and her team offer NRI’s many services that protect the money and property we invest in India. Talking to NRI Legal services will give you an insight into how the India legal system works and how they can act in your interest to protect them. We are now in the process of asking NRI Legal services to help sell our property in India in the correct manner without giving Power of Attorney authority to anyone to act in our interests. This is something advised to us by NRI Legal services themselves when we first met them which we agree with. To all NRI’s I’d say stay away from local agents, solicitors and even many UK property dealers and solicitors offering NRI services. I contacted many of NRI Legal services previous clients and they all gave me a very fair and honest assessment of the company, hence why I selected them. The most important thing to remember is “They do what they say they will do and keep you updated. This was the common response from their previous clients that I went to for recommendations. Should you want any further details about NRI Legal services details of our family case and India issues in general please contact me on 07595 041 923 and I would be glad to advise you further and explain how we came to choosing NRI Legal services.

Hardeep Bhachu, UK