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My name is Vikram Khanna, and I am a non-resident Indian (NRI.) My father had purchased property along with his elder brother somewhere in Rajasthan. My father and my uncle owned equal parts of the land. My father died two years ago, and as per his will, his portion of land was transferred to me. I want to use the land to make an apartment. However, I don’t have complete information about the whereabouts and the condition of the property. Also, my relatives have refused to share any information with me. Someone suggested me that I should seek help from a Property Management Lawyer. How can he help me? What should I do to tackle the situation? How long will it take to claim the land? Kindly explain.

My name is Ayesha Khurana, and I am a non-resident Indian. I have filed for divorce from my husband a month back. While sharing details for alimony settlement, he mentioned he owned a piece of land in India. However, as per my knowledge, he owns two pieces of land back there. He is not divulging any details of the other piece. But I want to know everything about that piece of land as well so that I can make sure that I am getting my fair share. What should I do to get the necessary information? Whom should I contact? Kindly explain.

The cases mentioned above are quite different, but the basic solution is the same for both. Both the issues require Property Search service.

The Property Management Lawyers provide such Property Search service.

The most common problems that NRIs face, when they own property in India, are:-

  • Either they don’t have the necessary details and documents that are required for entitlement of the land
  • Or if they have all the documents, they just haven’t updated them or haven’t authenticated the title deeds or checked the reality of the property.

This negligence on their behalf causes them to face issues and problems such as transfer of assets, illegal possession, the sale of land, etc.

Thus, the property management lawyers help them to tackle the situation. They provide assistance wherever required and handle the situation without asking the client to be present physically. They take the following actions:-

  • Trace ownership records, which aren’t easily traceable.
  • Find the land registry details, which are usually either lost or not maintained properly.
  • Help in attaining updated documents and clear title deed of the previous property owner or the current owner. Once all of this is sought out, one can transfer the deed in his name.
  • Understand and translate the documents written in local languages to English.
  • In the case of a fraudulent activity such as transferring the land illegally or carrying out an invalid sale or exchange of the property, apply for and retrieve the old documents to know when and how the fraud was committed.
  • Make formal applications under Right to Information Act (RTI) to validate the accuracy of the papers.
  • Identify the property using the older address in case the address has been changed.

Clearly, the most appropriate way to handle the above mentioned situations is to hire Property Management Lawyers as they’re expert in this field and know what should be done, how and when to provide the best suited solution.

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