Are you a property owner? Check your title deeds!


 Over the years, with the change in standard of living, thought process and lifestyle of people in India, there has been a drastic change in their actions. Many times we have seen and heard the NRIs complaining about their property being commandeered by unwanted elements, for the apparent lack of maintenance of proper documentation and in such difficult times only a property management lawyer can help solve the issues. Living overseas makes it difficult for them to travel back and forth from time to time.

They tend to depend on others or keep track of their property and documents related to it. It is imperative for an NRI to maintain properly updated property documents to protect him/her from any disputes.There is a service known as ‘Land Search’ which an NRI can use to keep a proper tracks of his/her land and related documents. It is a service which helps the NRIs to keep track of their land, documents and the changes in rules and regulations related to land and its ownership.

Current Updated Documents, Validated Title Deed with ground reality of the property are the few of the most important things that an NRI needs to possess if he owns a property in India. NRIs mainly face problems due to the lack of such details and documents that are required to claim ownership of the same. Usually, NRIs have all the documents, but they just haven’t updated them or validated the title deed or checked the ground reality of the property. The lack of action on their behalf causes them to face problems such as illegal possession, transfer of assets, the sale of the estate, etc.

Therefore, to protect him/her from so many issues it is crucial that the NRI understands –

  • What exactly he owns?
  • If there is any problem related to his/her ownership?
  • If there is a clear title for that property?
  • Can it be transferred?
  • If he/she has the details about – area of the property, evaluation, and documents of the same and its complete description

But they should clearly know what documents they need to maintain and keep updated as well as in correct order. So in terms of documentation, an NRI should have –

  • Clear document stating the description of the property
  • Explicit mention of the area and size
  • Explicit mention of the name
  • Details of the property after the proper evaluation the same

The NRI should keep in mind that sometimes these documents are in the native language which makes it impossible for them to understand. Therefore, these documents have to be translated into the language that he/she can understand.

Just by knowing the above details and maintaining proper documents the NRIs can safeguard themselves from anything that comes in the futures such as fraud and trespassing. He can take legal action against the fraudster or the trespasser without any delay. They can even protect themselves from criminal litigation by proving their innocence with the help of properly maintained documents and then claim the property as their own. Sometimes the NRIs try to maintain and perform all the formalities by themselves which leaves them with one or the other problem so taking the help from a legal adviser or an expert property lawyer can assist them to be free of any hassle and save them money and time of traveling back and forth to India.

The property management lawyers in NRI Legal Services give free legal consultation on all the matters related to the property. We also help settle the issues, file a case on one’s behalf, evaluate the property, and help obtain all the documents, without your actual presence in the country.


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