What are the different kinds of partitions?

There are 2 types of partitions, contested and uncontested. In the case of contested partition, the co-owners of the property are not in consensus for partition and wish to contest for the same. On the other hand, in the case of uncontested partition, all the co-owners of the property mutually agree for partition.

Does the value of the property vary in the case of partitioned and unpartitioned lands?

Yes, the value of partitioned and unpartitioned land varies as partition land fetches a better price at the time of sale.

How is the share of individuals divided in the case of joint property?

The ownership rights of all the owners are equal in the case of joint property. The shares in the property are partitioned through a department or court of law, as the case may be.

What is a partition suit?

A suit instituted for the purpose of getting the joint property divided into separate portions according to the rights and share of co-owners is referred to as a partition suit.

What is the meaning of partition of land?

Partition of the land refers to the division of individual shares in joint property. In other words, through a partition, the joint property is divided into separate portions on the basis of the share of co-owners.

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