Are partition actions available for commercial and residential property both?

Any property with multiple numbers of property owners, whether commercial or residential, can be the subject of a partition action.

Can an individual bring a partition action itself?

A partition action is a highly technical legal action with numerous specific court requirements to be met. Hence, we recommend bringing such actions through an experienced legal lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.

Among the brothers, there is a property on their elder brother’s name. We all share money for payment, but there is no proof. What can we do?

Since you do not have any proof for contributing the money in purchase of property in the name of your brother, legally he is the owner of the property and it being his self-acquired property he can dispose of the same as per his wishes. Unless, you have the proof, it would be different to get your share. Make contact with a good lawyer, explain all facts and documents to him and act according to his advice.

If Father passed away 30 years ago, can the elder brother be forced to divide property between the younger and older brother by law?

In the absence of a father and mother, it is possible by law to divide property between younger and older brothers. Following that, the younger brother may file a partition case in court and begin partition proceedings.

What are the Property types that can be partitioned?

According to the Property Partition Laws in India, there are two types of properties that can be partitioned:

  1. Self-Acquired Property
  2. Ancestral property

What Does an Inheritance Mean?

An inheritance refers to assets left to family members after a person passes away. An inheritance can include cash, investments like stocks or bonds, and other assets such as jewellery, automobiles, art, antiques, and real estate.

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