I’ve had two legal engagements with NRI legal Services /Mindsprings. One was a case filed by one of our irate ex-employee who wanted to extract undue funds out of our company. Despite the laws heavily favoring the workers, their firm got the case dismissed by presenting the merits of the case in front of the court.

The second engagement has been for a case filed by our landlord against us to vacate their premises despite the provisions of the lease agreement to allow renewal and continued tenancy. While this case is still in the process, I must say that each court hearing is promptly attended to and updates are sent to me by email on each event. I have never heard of law firms providing such prompt and efficient services before. I feel that my decision to engage their law firm was the best I have ever taken and feel confident that the case will proceed to our best advantage.

I wish them the best in future.

Atul Gupta, USA