Rajinder Kaur, UK

Testimonials by NRI clients on legal services


Nidhi and her team,

“ I feel that your professionalism, efficiency and pragmatism are admirable. I felt confident and secure with your handling of my case, not least because you demonstrated a genuine connection with myself, my family and my situation, showing empathy and understanding. You have given me validation.”

I would like to express my thoughts as how thankful and satisfied I am with the service and assistance provided throughout the process, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NRI LEGAL SERVICES to anyone who has any legal issues in India and is not in a situation to travel frequently, they can deal with matters with full privacy and confidentially.

All the best and keep up the good work.

Warm Regards

Rajinder Kaur

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Atul Gupta, USA


I’ve had two legal engagements with NRI legal Services /Mindsprings. One was a case filed by one of our irate ex-employee who wanted to extract undue funds out of our company. Despite the laws heavily favoring the workers, their firm got the case dismissed by presenting the merits of the case in front of the court.

The second engagement has been for a case filed by our landlord against us to vacate their premises despite the provisions of the lease agreement to allow renewal and continued tenancy. While this case is still in the process, I must say that each court hearing is promptly attended to and updates are sent to me by email on each event. I have never heard of law firms providing such prompt and efficient services before. I feel that my decision to engage their law firm was the best I have ever taken and feel confident that the case will proceed to our best advantage.

I wish them the best in future.

Atul Gupta
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G Bansi.


I would whole heartedly recommend NRI legal services for their professional and diligent work. They successfully won the case for which they retained and the manner in which their work was also exemplary.

Our case primes were available outside of normal business hours, which was invaluable due to the Time difference (we are located in the UK). Regular case updates were provided via email and Documents were scanned to an online store. This ensured we had a resilient record of proceeding and could be confident our instructions were being followed accurately. When undertaking legal proceedings it is imperative you have confidence in the ability and Integrity of you representation. As a Non Resident Indian who cannot personally attend proceedings, trust in ones representation is paramount importance. It is for this reason I would Recommend NRI Legal Services to anyone seeking knowledgeable and trustworthy representation in India.

G Bansi.
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Sarj, Slough UK


NRI legal services are a breath of fresh air when it comes to getting anything legal done in the Punjab, they are a fresh modern breed of lawyers backed by years of old school family litigation knowledge. They know how to get results and how to streamline the process to a minimum amount of time. The communication is second to none with progress updates on a regular basis. I am totally pleased with their performance so far and would happily recommend them to anyone who has an issue in India has been dragging on for years and never seems to get resolved.

47, Torridge Road Slough Berkshire SL3 8UT U.K.

Jagtar Singh Gill, Manitoba Canada


Far away from India, settled here in Winnipeg (Canada) I had been in great distress due to non recovery of a huge amount of money that I lent to some trusted relatives for purchase of a house for their own purposes. In due course of time they did buy a property for their personal use in Behaana, Ludhiana. It was but natural that after a considerable gap I asked them to return my money. On their expressing their supposed inability to do so, I requested them then to be fair and include my name in their property. However, neither case happened! Imagine my shock and complete disillusionment when I realised that neither were they interested in returning the money nor in including my name anywhere. On a desperate visit to India to resolve the issue, I received threats from them and any thought of further visits got completely quashed.
My family became apprehensive about letting me go to my hometown and being a senior citizen it was indeed tough for me to contemplate managing these legal matters from where I was stationed.

It was in this disheartened state that I happened to come across an advertisement about the assistance being offered to NRIs by “NRI Legal Services”. Although considerably anxious about the Indian Judicial system, I got in touch with Nidhi Singh and explained my situation to her on skype. In the following months what I experienced with this company came as nothing short of a blessing. I am pleased to say that I received utmost consideration from the entire team at NRI Legal Services. As a cohesive working unit, they stayed true to their word about every commitment they made. I received regular
updates on my case progress and the company’s communication is indeed par excellence! What I still find most unbelievable is that I have not had to travel to India even once during the entire time of my case being contested in courts. As an NRI that has indeed been the biggest boon bestowed on me. To have my rights restored and my legal issues handled, without my having to undergo the hassles of frequent travelling, is something that I could have never imagined possible. Nidhi and her team made sure that through the messaging, mails, video calls and the reassuring phone calls I did not have to spend even a single day in anxiety or pressure. All the meticulous research, the comprehensive report preparing, subsequent follow-up and proficient representation was done by them with utmost diligence and empathy. Their sensitivity to my situation only helped me trust them more – and I am truly pleased with my choice of lawyers.

To have finally won a court order in this matter has been almost like a miracle, when I had lost all hope of getting any respite. I would be perfectly willing to answer any phone calls or other communication regarding the services I availed of once I engaged the
company. In fact it would give me great pleasure to be of some assistance to other NRIs like me who are hassled by such property issues.

Jagtar Singh Gill
H.No.680, Lyndale Drive,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Contact Number: 001-204-229-8947