Raksha Singh

NRI Legal Services Testimonial

My family and I would recommend NRI Legal Services wholeheartedly. We have land and property in India but due to leading busy lives in the UK, are unable to travel to India to sort out land disputes with family. Hence, we were attracted to NRI Legal Services in the first place. We initially met with Salim at the Leicester branch. He was very friendly, and put us at ease, and answered all our queries and concerns with the utmost patience. The best thing was they said they would sort out any problems without us needing to even go to India! We were very reassured by their straightforwardness and honesty.

They were very honest about how much time it would take to conduct searches. Throughout this time, we were kept fully informed via e-mail about any updates, and we were never left wondering what was happening. The whole land and property search was conducted very professionally.

At the end of the search, we were presented with a large folder of the investigation and the conclusions. Because of NRI legal Services, we are more informed about exactly what is ours and what is not (rather than relying on word of mouth by relatives). A massive thank you to NRI Legal Services for helping us out when we really needed help, and once again, for anyone wondering if they should go to them or not, we would say… go for it!!!!!

Gurmail Thind

NRI Legal Services Testimonial

To Whom It may concern

I am glad to have found NRI Legal Services in England so we could meet them and discuss our issues in India. We were battling with our land dispute in India and were in the midst of chaos. NRI Legal Services came as a much-needed help, an organisation who guided us in the most appropriate manner and strategized for us. We have finally resolved our dispute with all the right guidance by this organisation.

As a client, I am very satisfied with their work, service, communication and professionalism. We are happy with the services provided and highly recommend their services to any person looking at resolving their property issues in India.

Gurmail Thind, UK

Aroon Desai

NRI Legal Services Testimonial

I am extremely happy with NRI Legal services for representing me on disputed inherited land and property in Magod, Valsad, Gujarat, India. The property has now been divide equally between plaintiffs and us defendants. They are very articulate, prompt in getting back to me, they are through in establishing various issues i.e, how much have you inherited, has there been any illegal sale of inherited property, they also ensure that any squatter disputes on your property is legally looked into and most of all they will sell your property and remit the proceeds abroad to you. Nidhi and Monisha Mahajan kept me informed and found out everything related to my inheritance and represented me as promised when I first spoke with both of them, she priced my legal fees from start to finish and her team gave me the very best in services and representation in court in Gujarat. They will keep you informed through out the process from start to finish. I would strongly recommend Nidhi Singh and NRI Legal Services for any inherited land related issues for those living abroad. They ensured that we the defendants were represented in our disputed land and property with their immense experience in handling these kind of cases all from Chandigarh. They ensured we get our rightful legal representation. To all friends I strongly recommend Nidhi Singh and her law firm for your matters related to disputed inherited land and property issues. Extremely happy that true to their promise they delivered what they assured from the first day I spoke with Nidhi and her legal team.

Aroon Desai, USA