Amrit Singh Loha, UK


Dear NRI,

NRI Legal Services have proved fast efficient service in the transfer of ownership.

Great members of staff in giving prompt updates from India office.

I would highly recommend NRI Legal Services to my friends and members of the family in near future. Excellent and highly professional service.

Amrit Singh Loha

Jeetinder Pinder


My father and myself have used the services of NRI since May 2014 with regards to Land that was registered incorrectly in the name of my Father and my Late Grandfather in the state of Utter Pradesh. We have been faced with many issues and barriers outside the control of NRI and ourselves. But, I can say that through the ongoing and relentless work that the team at NRI have put in we have finally after four years received written confirmation that all has been corrected. We are now hoping to sell the land in Utter Pradesh through the NRI sales office and hope to complete these transactions in a similar manner. I would happily refer any of the NRI Legal services to anyone looking to get involved in any land matters within India.

Jeetinder Pinder, Middlesex, UK
0777 999 5652
0344 8464 222

Sarjit Singh


Agreement to sell was made on Feb,1995 betwween two real brothers one brother who was seller passed on Aug,1995 before sale deed completion leaving five family members who are living in Fiji & U.S.A. NRI legal services new completed the sale deed which I signed with them on July 2013.I am very very thankful to entire team of NRI services,speacialy Monisha Mahajan who handled my case.

Again thanks to all staff.

Sarjit Singh

Avinash Randhawa, Melbourne Australia


Myself and my sister met with Nidhi Singh at the beginning of August after my father had seen a show on one of the Indian channels in the UK on legal issues that are occurring in India with Nidhi Singh speaking. After meeting with Nidhi, we decided to have NRI Legal Services represent us in India at the end of August.

The turnaround time was so quick and efficient and we got our legal tasks completed whilst we were in India. I would like to say thank you so much to NRI Legal Services for completing our tasks so promptly even with additional difficulties not originally included in the assignment initially.

We had the pleasure of meeting Kirat Sabharwal who undertook our assignment whilst we were in India. He persevered and ensured that every single task was completed regardless of the difficulties and time delays we encountered along the way. We came across many difficult people (especially in Punjab National Bank in Dasuya) and Kirat was our angel who guided us along the way. He went above and beyond to help us and we trusted him whole heartedly. We shall be forever grateful.Thank you Kirat. Nidhi and Navneet also kept in touch along the way as well.

I would definitely recommend NRI Legal Services to anyone who has a legal matter to resolve in India.NRI Legal Services are very knowledgeable in the Indian legal arena and that is what counts especially with India’s bureaucratic and complicated legal system.

I look forward to NRI Legal Services coming to Australia soon!

Avinash Randhawa
Melbourne, Australia

T. Randhawa, Connecticut USA


Dear Ms. Mansi,

I am pleased to write my personal experience that relates to my issue that is being handled with high degree of excellence by NRI Legal Services. I have given my consent to publish my experience, if desired by your company. Regards.
I had a very healthy relationship with my siblings in India for the past 25 years. I inherited my house with commercial tenants as my income in India. I entrusted my sibling to manage my share of the house as well as given him the responsibility of the tenants for the past 15 years. Unfortunately, it is the same issue we all face living abroad i.e. the sense of being ignored by the ones who we trust and love dearly, as the property values appreciated over years that caused a shadow over relationships. It was heart breaking and a big set back to my emotions of ignorance and broken trust by family. I did not have many options: either to give up or to face the situation and fight for my own rights. Every single immigrant has a will and determination
that has made him/her a strong and a successful person abroad, despite being away from our motherland. It is that determination that forced me to find a path that brought me to the doors of NRI Legal Services.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the founder of the company Mrs. Nidhi Singh and Managing Director Mr. Navneet Singh while their visit to US. After a brief 15 minute meeting, I knew I was at the right place. I regained my confidence to fight for my own rights.

Within less than 3 months, I was able to finalize my strategy and was on a path to regain lost control through the intelligence of the legal knowledge that Mrs.Nidhi Singh has cultivated among her staff and rendering services by the highly ethical and extremely proactive Senior Advocates at NRI Legal Services.

Honestly, it is not an easy proposition to battle with the great judiciary system that has been instituted by our forefathers in India, which is now being abused and mislead by common legal malpractice due to a compromised bureaucratic system that we are all victims of living abroad.

Senior Advocates at NRI Legal Services worked around the clock to deliver a strategy that gained my trust and made me overcome my fear by providing a strength to fight for my rights to regain control of my share of the property.

I do not feel comfortable to name every single staff member who helped me along this path due to confidentiality reasons. However, I must acknowledge that I will never forget the warmth I felt in handshakes I received during my visit, which lead me to achieve my undertaking to be the rightful owner of my property share again.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts that the Senior Executives and the Administrative Staff at NRI Legal Services had invested during my travel. NRI Legal services has means and ways to protect our assets back home, keeping high morals and ethics, while we can continue to focus in our daily lives abroad.

T. Randhawa
124 W. King St., Danbury, Connecticut, 06811, USA