Myself and my sister met with Nidhi Singh at the beginning of August after my father had seen a show on one of the Indian channels in the UK on legal issues that are occurring in India with Nidhi Singh speaking. After meeting with Nidhi, we decided to have NRI Legal Services represent us in India at the end of August.

The turnaround time was so quick and efficient and we got our legal tasks completed whilst we were in India. I would like to say thank you so much to NRI Legal Services for completing our tasks so promptly even with additional difficulties not originally included in the assignment initially.

We had the pleasure of meeting Kirat Sabharwal who undertook our assignment whilst we were in India. He persevered and ensured that every single task was completed regardless of the difficulties and time delays we encountered along the way. We came across many difficult people (especially in Punjab National Bank in Dasuya) and Kirat was our angel who guided us along the way. He went above and beyond to help us and we trusted him whole heartedly. We shall be forever grateful.Thank you Kirat. Nidhi and Navneet also kept in touch along the way as well.

I would definitely recommend NRI Legal Services to anyone who has a legal matter to resolve in India.NRI Legal Services are very knowledgeable in the Indian legal arena and that is what counts especially with India’s bureaucratic and complicated legal system.

I look forward to NRI Legal Services coming to Australia soon!

Avinash Randhawa, Australia