My name is Kiran Mann and I live in Ottawa , Canada. I am a recently retired senior executive from the Canadian Federal Civil Service. My assignment at retirement was Director, Service Strategies at Service Canada, Government of Canada. I have inherited property in India in Chandigarh and in the Faridkot District. I have had the pleasure of dealing with NRI Legal Services on a number of matters from property issues, power of attorney, will in India, opening of bank accounts, acquisition of documents etc. I would highly recommend Nidhi Singh and her legal team. This is a group of highly professional, dedicated individuals who have a fine knowledge and understanding of Indian legal requirements and are able to guide the NRI through the often opaque processes of Indian bureaucratic transactions. In addition to their professionalism, the team is very considerate, prompt and instills a high degree of confidence in their client. I will continue to work with NRI legal services and am very pleased to have them as my legal representative and guide in India. I can be reached at the following address:

Kiran Mann, Canada