We contacted NRI Legal Services when we exhausted all other options. We have a property in India that was occupied by a relative. This relative refused to leave the property upon our numerous requests. As we pushed to resolve the matter amicably however our relative had other ideas.

We finally contacted NRI legal services. We were invited to attend a meeting held in Southall. We met with Nidhi Singh. She listened carefully, looked through all of our documents and showed genuine interest in our plight. As a representative of NRI legal services we were put at ease with her knowledge of legal affairs in India and familiarity with this type of matter. She was very clear and honest with costs and a possible timescales.

The NRI Legal team quickly made contact with us, were very reassuring and gave us a step by guide as to what is happening with our case. We received regular emails, text messages and phones weekly and fortnightly contact from start to finish. Once the case got going our relative used a manner of accusations, made every attempt to prolong proceedings so he could stay in the property longer  NRI Legal team acted on every information we provided and all personal and private family matters were treated with respect and confidentiality. NRI legal services come with years of experience and have full awareness understanding and clear judgement of legal matters in India.

Our biggest worry was always we do not live in India and did not know how to get started to gain possession of our own property. NRI legal services not only ensured all documents were correct and in order but successfully won our case. I urge anyone who owns property in India that is being occupied to contact NRI Legal Services for a positive honest and successful outcome. I highly recommend the service and have already passed on details to a friend.

Navneet Kirwan, United Kingdom